Data Share Plans Business- How To Make Money With It

etisalat-and-mtn-cheap-android-data-plan-1You must have noticed a lot of noise about people selling cheap data plans than those of the network providers themselves and wondered how they have been able to achieve that, the answer to that will not be farfetched because I will be showing you exactly how they have been able to do it.

I know of some guys in this business making as much as 5000 naira daily reselling data share from network providers like MTN, GLO and ETISALAT and you can also join them in doing that as soon as possible as you continue reading this blog post

So what is this business about….

This business is about buying and reselling data plan. The data plan we will be covering in this post is MTN,ETISALAT and GLO data plan, this is because this are the only 3 network that do allow the service as at the time of writing this post

So now lets start with that of mtn.

MTN Data Share

This is one of the services provided by MTN as a means of providing value to corporate, entrepreneur and small business owner. MTN Data Share is a service that provides a group of SIMs with mobile Internet access. Data Share offers organizations not only big but also small business the opportunity to purchase mobile internet capacity to share amongst their staff, this makes it easier for organizations and small business owners to manage spend. But that is not the scope of this post, we are taking about reselling that same data so its not just staff you can share this with anybody.

How Does This Work

It’s not that complicated, here is how it works. As at the time of writing this post this are the available amounts of data plan that can be bought from MTN.

  1. 10GB @ N10,000
  2. 20GB @ N18,000
  3. 50GB @ N42,000
  4. 75GB @ N52,500

So lest say you want to purchase 10GB you will pay N10,000 and if you want to purchase 30GB you will first buy 10GB or 20GB first and then you will add 10GB or 20GB next which will make it a total of 30GB hope you understand me.

Before you can start selling data with MTN, you will be required to activate your sim, so let me show you how you can do that

Activating Your Sim

So now the next step will be how to activate the sim you wish to use for the business so you can use this service, yes you need to activate the sim if not they will tell you that you are not permitted to use this service. So to activate your sim card Send a sms with the following digit 465 to 131. This mean you type 465 as a message and send it to 131 when you do that your sim will be activated automatically.

After activating your sim, you will want to start purchasing data immediately, so you will decide which of the gig you will like to purchase, this depends on your capital, if you don’t have much you can start by purchasing the 10GB and then you can later scale big with the other plans.

Purchasing Data

Now for you to purchase data you will first need to load the amount you want to purchase on your sim, make sure you have already migrated to the mtn data share service before loading your data, thou not compulsory , you can load the sim card up to the amount you need and then migrate to the mtn data share afterward, the point is just make sure you migrated to the mtn data share.

After you have loaded the card and is up to the amount needed to purchase the data you want to purchase simply dial *461# and follow the prompt

Here is the message you will get

  1. SME Data Purchase
  2. Check SME Data Balance.
  3. Register SME DataShare
  4. Change pin
  5. SME Data Share
  6. Check beneficiary list
  7. DataShare balance

This means that you are to reply with 1 for Sme data purchase if you want to purchase data, 2 to check sme data balance, 3 to register a number you want to send data too and so on, hope you got it

So since it is data we want to buy we will reply with 1, when you do this you will get a

Message with the following;

SME bundle for 30days

  1. 10GB @ N10000
  2. 20GB @ N18000
  3. 50GB @ N42000
  4. 75GB @ N52500
  5. Back
  6. MainMenu

So you will reply with the number of any of the data you want to buy, let’s take 10GB as an example, if you want to buy this you will reply with 1, if its 20GB you will reply with 2 and so on.

You can also use the following codes to buy the datas

  1. 10GB @ N10000 *461*1*1#
  2. 20GB @ N18000 *461*1*2#
  3. 50GB @ N42000 *461*1*3#
  4. 75GB @ N52500 *461*1*4#

That’s it, you now have you data so what will be the next line of action. The next will be for you to register to share the data you have purchased, so let’s go….

 Registering Sme Datashare

To do this is not that complicated, you just need to go back to what we did earlier by dialing *461# and then you reply with 3 this time or you can use this short code *461*3#, that’s it. Very easy to do and this means that you have registered so that you can start sharing your data with others.

So what next need to be done since we have registered for the data share. The next will be to change your pin, yes the pin you will use while sharing data.

Changing Your Pin

This is very compulsory because if you don’t change your pin anyone can share your data without your consent with the mtn default pin which is 0000. So to change your default pin simply use this short code *461*4# or you can use the above step as registering for datashare but this time around you reply with 4 and the input the pin you will like to use and you send and confirm too, you can as well just send CHANGE 0000 NEW PIN NEW PIN to 131. Please try as best as possible to use a pin which is hard to guess if not you will be prone to hacking and you data can be easily stolen, So this is how you will change your pin.

Now what is the next step, will be sharing the data to beneficiaries which is those you want to sell it to.

 Sharing Data

Now we have covered how to do most of what is needed to be done so its now time to talk about how to share the data to intending buyers, those who want to buy data or those you want to share data with.

To do this you will simply need to perform the usual step as we have been doing above and this time you reply with 5 and then you will be given the specification of data you can share, here is what they will send you…

  1. Share 250MB
  2. Share 500MB
  3. Share 750MB
  4. Share 1GB



After replying with 5 you will also be asked to reply with any of the amount as seen above,1 to share 250mb, 2 to share 500mb, 3 to share 750mb and so on and then you will be asked for your pin and will also require to confirm your pin, when this is done the data will be sent successfully.

Note that your sharing limit is 10 times, so this means you will need to avoid selling the 1,2 and 3 and sell only 1GB data, so let’s say you bought 10GB for 10,000 naira, if you share 1gb 10 time you will be able to share everything but if you go for 1,2 and 3 above there will be data sharing restriction, so its best to buy only 10gb data and resell only 1gb.

Also note that You cannot share data amount outside this specified list, in the case that you want to share 2GB you will need to share 1GB twice, if its 4GB you share 1GB four times, 10GB you share 1GB ten times. That is it.

Here are also other features of the mtn datashare which you will also want to know about.

Check Beneficiary List

This feature is useful when you want to check the list of all your beneficiaries, that is all those who you have sold or share data with. To check your beneficiaries all you need to do is do what we have done as usual and this time you reply with 6, so this mean you dial *461# and then you reply with 6 or you can simply use the short code *461*6# and you will be sent all the list of your beneficiaries.

Datashare Balance

This feature is used to check your balance, you will need to check your data balance from time to time as you share so that you can know when you exhaust it so you can renew. To check your balance just dial *461*2# and you will be sent a message with your remaining data balance.


Some Point To Note

Checking your data balance sometimes can be hectic, both to resellers and end users, especially in the face of poor network service from MTN.

In order for you not to send double subscription to your clients during poor service coverage times from MTN, please when your transactions stays for up to 3 seconds and above, and you then got an error message of ‘Transaction failed, please try again later’, please do not resend to the same customer. What you need to do is to first get across to him/her by calling them to confirm his/her data balance, to confirm if your transactions was successful or not. This is because even when you get such error message on your screen sometimes, they will credit your client but you won’t be aware since it is error in transaction showing on your screen. However, should your transactions failed under 1 second, please go ahead and start all over to resend your previous transactions because IT TRULY FAILED.

Take note that the data plan have the same validity period, what I mean is that the data shared by a you to the end user or buyer have its validity tied to the mother data, that is your data, this means the expiry date for your data is the same as the end user data regardless of the day the data was shared, example been that if you as a reseller buy a data today and you share some of the data to your buyer after 6 days, the validity of the data your buyer has will have six days deducted from it which means your buyer have 24days validity period left for his or her data plan to expire, but if you buys a new plan, the validity period will change on your own side leaving the buyer out with the old date, However if the buyer or client then purchase another plan from your new subscription, his expiry date will be renewed to reflect the new date of your new subscription expiry date.

Also note that your buyer CANNOT change you as their reseller when they still have left over data from you. They will have to exhaust the data first before switching a reseller.

Normal prepaid data subscription or free data bonus from MTN will first be charge and Followed by SME data subscription.

In order to allow your client or buyer enjoy full validity period, always update them on the next time you will be upgrading your data and also make sure they buy the data as soon as you upgrade or few days after you upgrade in the case of those buying 2GB and above.


That is all for MTN data share, so let us now talk about etisalat data share.


Etisalat Datashare

Etisalat is one of the most stable data providers in Nigeria today, their network is very fast both in term of surfing the next and equally for downloading heavy files, so becoming a third party reseller for them will a cooler way to make good cash because almost all data users now know Etisalat is the way to go and people are now porting every now and then

So how can we achieve this?

You can start by dialing *200# an when you have done that you will proceed to DATA MENU option and then you proceed to FAMILY PLAN option and when you are there select OPT IN TO FAMILY PLANS and then you COMFIRM your selection.

When this is done, you are activated and you can now start buying and sharing the data, so to do this follow the instructions below;

Begin a new process by dialing *200# and once this is done you will go to the next step which is for you to proceed to the DATA MENU OPTION and then you choose BUY DATA PLAN to buy your preferred data plan.

When you have bought your preferred data plan then return to data menu and then this time choose FAMILY PLAN OPTION and then you go to SHARE DATA MENU and then you add recipients and data volume you wish to send to the buyer.

Those are the critical steps needed for etisalat and they are the most important. More so you can also do the above via USSD, follow the steps below;

From your phone, dial *917#

Buy your preferred data plan

Share data with your customers by dialing

*229*9*PIN*Data Volume*Phone Number*3#

That’s it, etisalat Nigeria sell data plan of the following denomination

  • 10GB ==> N10, 000
  • 15GB ==> N15, 000
  • 20GB ==> N18, 000

And you can share them as many times as you can without restriction, so you can buy more than 10gb of data from them and not be afraid of sharing limitation

So that is all for etisalat, so now let’s move to globalcom, Nigeria owned number 1 telecommunication


Globalcom Datashare

On globalcom there is sharing restriction because, the plan was made to be shared with your family and friends but there is a way we are going to be doing it such that you will be able to share the data with anyone

So here are the steps on how datashare with the glo line work, you can buy data bundle in bulk from globalcom and you proceed to sell it out and make some profit from it. Since you can only share data with friends and family then the trick is for you to always remove the data beneficiary immediately after sharing the data so you can share with as many people as you get. Follow steps below;

To add data beneficiaries to

dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or

SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127

How to remove data beneficiaries to your Glo line

dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# or

SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127

How To show list of data beneficiaries to your Glo line

dial *127*00# or

SMS “List” to 127

How to share Glo data plan

Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]# or

SMS “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127

So that’s it, I couldn’t write much on glo because datashare are not usually done with it except for mtn and etisalat, so you can focus on them instead.


So now that we know how its done, what about how to get customers to buy from us. Read on as I will cover that.


Where And How To Get Buyers

Now it time to talk about where and how to get customer that will patronize us not just once but continuously such that we will be making recurring income from each customer every month. Yes you need to know where and how to get your buyer that is those who will be patronizing you and buying data from you regularly so you can be in the business for as long as you want to. We can get customers from the following channels;

Word of mouth: this way you can ge a lot of people who will be willing to patronize you and get data from you whenever they are in need of data, all you need to do is to tell your family, relative and friends and coworker about what you do and whenever they need data they will come to you since you already told them, another thing is they might tell their friend while their friends too te their own friends and vice versa and before you know it you would have gotten a lot of client that will be patronizing you on regular basis.

Social media site: social media is one of the fastest growing advertising medium and you can also leverage this to your advantages by joining social Medias such as



And so on. I am very sure almost everyone is now on Facebook and this will also be an added advantage. You can join as many Nigerian groups as you would need and when they have approve your request you will pitch them your offer without sounding like you are promoting to them instead sound like you are making them aware of an opportunity they shouldn’t miss, I will show you how to do that later on. You can also make status updates on your Facebook account letting your friends know of your offer.

Same goes with twitter and the rest of them, join them and promote your offer without making it sound like you are trying to sell to them.

Forum: this is online website where users are allowed to create topics of discussion or start a debate. Forum is a very good place to get people to patronize you and you can get a lot of customers if you do this the right way because this is not like social media where you can express yourself anyhow, this is a platform you create a topic expecting other users to contribute on the topic so you can get a solution or idea for whatever problem or issue you posted about. So to use forum as a means of getting customer you will first have to share something that will benefit the users concerning the offer you have and then you pitch them your offer at a reasonable price that will make them wow because forum users are very sensitive and you might go wrong if you do this improperly. Example of forum is, etc

Classified Sites: Classified sites: this are website mainly for people to list their product or services for other users who are interested to buy, this medium is fast growing in Nigeria and many classified site are springing up regularly. You can advertise your product to classified sites user and the service and job section or the mobile phone and gadget section because this are the two main section closely related to the offer. Examples of classified site are

And so on and so fort

Blogs: yes you can get customer from blogs, if you don’t already have one no problem I don’t either when I was doing the business, so it doesn’t mean you need to have one. What we are going to be doing here is what we call blog commenting and guest posting, by blog commenting I mean you will search for blogs online that talks about data plan and then the next thing is to locate any post on the blog that talks about data plan and then you check If there are people commenting on the post, if there is you will stylishly contribute on the blog and the you ask them to check out this your offer, hope you are getting me.

The guest posting have to do with you contacting the blog owner and asking them if they allow guest posting, if they do then you can write an article about the opportunity in data reselling business and at the end of the post you can drop your number or email asking them to contact you if they needed cheaper data, that is it.


YouTube: yes YouTube is a viral traffic source and it can be used to sell practically anything because millions of people visit YouTube on daily basis and they can come in contact with your offer and then decide to buy from you. So to do this you can just record yourself talking about the business opportunity in data plan reselling or you can talk about how to get cheap data and then at the end mention your phone number or email and ask them to contact you if they needed to buy any of the plan, after that you upload the video and give it a title and description relevant to it, in the description make sure you put your contact details so that they can contact you.

Ways You Should Write Your Offer

Hello friends, do you believe that you can get data plan at far cheaper rate than the once

You buy from MTN; yes you can because I am here to offer you that. You can get data Plan at the following rates;

250MB N500

500MB N900

1GB N1500

2GB N2500

3GB N3600

4GB N4600

5GB N5600

Writing it like this is cool but you can also write anyhow you see fit


So that is all for this topic for now, please don’t forget to leave a comment and also you can drop your questions too, I will be very glad to answer them all.


  1. may God bless you sir, I’m a jobless housewife hoping to make ends meet thru data sales business.pls how can I contact you directly either through mails or any other medium so you can mentor me sir, I know no knowledge is free I’m willing to pay a token if need be,just to be a guru in data sales business so I can make little profit to feed.i will be hoping for your humble reply sir.thanks

    • Hello mrs olayemi, thanks for the comment. Just as you see it on the post, that is all that is to it, so there is no need for a mentorship. Just go over the post and you will understand.


  2. Thanks for this write up Mr Olujimi. God bless you. I want to ask, what if your beneficiary is far from you how do you get your money? Cos I know not everyone oersted amobile banking. Will they have to go to the bank to deposit #1500?. What’s the easiest way in getting you money. Thank you

  3. Enter Your Comment…sir. Let’s say I sell data. To someone. I don’t know but we met online?. Will I request for the money first. Or what … Do you understand me as in this is Nigeria??

  4. Sir,God will continue to bless nd prosper u.u didn’t knw what u have done for we housewives especially u have provide means for me nd my children not to die of hunger,u will neva see lack and hunger in Jesus Name.God bless u sir.

  5. This is a lovely post full of ideas. I hope people use this information. I’m sharing on social media now….

    This is all they need to know. I love your write up.

    Start your data reselling business now! No excuse! Thanks

  6. Hello Sir, my customers have complained the data I sell to them gets exhausted faster than the data the normally get directly from the network. How can you explain this please?

  7. thanks for the writeup, but the problem is that 9mobile{etisalat} and airtel is at high rate, how can reseller make profit because is almost the same amount if you buy recharge card and load it, but the funniest thing is that some reseller are promoting data bundle below the cost price price, i don’t know where they are getting their data bundle.
    please can you share method they are using to get that cheaper bundle rate

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