What If I Mentor You To Making At Least A Guaranteed N500,000 to N1,000,000 (Or More) Every Month With Ecommerce Business Using A Little Known Secret Twist Only My Mentees Know...Even If You Know Nothing About Ecommerce Before or You Tried It Before But Failed....

Will You Drop Every Excuse And Join?

Ever wondered why it seem like you are the only one struggling to make real money online?
Yet you see people with results that gives you sleepless night.
Even after buying different video trainings sotey your hard drive is complaining of overload.
You have attended so many make money seminars such that most of the gurus know you by name.
Yet you are struggling to make something tangible from all your efforts.

I totally feel your pain, because the people I will be sharing their stories with you were in your shoes too for a very long time.

Until they decided to take a different route less often take;

The same route you will also get a chance to chose in few minutes from now.
A rare opportunity for you to cuts through all the noise and guarantee your result.

But will you jump on it like these success stories I am about to share with you?

But before I go into the success stories of regular Nigerians I promised to tell who went from zero in ecommerce business to doing millions on a regular bases.
Let me introduce myself to you and my own success story, Incase this is your first time of coming across me.

My name is Olujimi Metilelu. But you probably already know that.

What you don’t know is that I lost my hearing, speaking, and walking ability when I was 10 years old.

In plain terms, I became dumb, deaf, and paralysed at age 10.

while total bedridden, I could see it in everyone eyes that I was going to be a liability on them or worst case; end up begging on the street.

But despite all I had been through, I told myself at my early age that I was not going to be a liability or burden on anyone neither will I ever beg to survive.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to do whatever it takes to create the life I have always dreamed of irrespectively of my (dis)abilities.
And I was going to be successful enough to give back to people in need and the community that failed me.

I promised myself to turn my disability to fuel for my hunger for success.

So I started learning skills that will help me live life the way I want it at no ones mercy; and amongst the opportunity I found was Ecommerce Business (with or without Importation).

I loved this business model so much because I could be doing anything (even sleeping all day) and I will still make Millions monthly once I set up the ecommerce system.

All I needed was a phone or laptop, access to Internet, the know-how and I was in business.

In all honesty, the first time I tried it, I got my fingers until I learnt how to do this business in a seemless way using a secret twist reveal to me by my mentor.

Using the secret twist taught to me by my mentor, I could set up a 24 hours order getting system, go to bed and wake up with hundreds of naira in orders waiting to be delivered.

Below Are Some Of The Orders I Get On A regular Basis

This Product sells for N15,000 Each, 103 Orders X 15,000 = Do the maths...LOL

This Product sells for N20,000 Each, 34 Orders X 15,000 = I'm sure its not a bad effort knowing fully well that its automated.

Now That you know I practice what I'm preaching to you, The success story I will share with will be proof that my success can easily be duplicated in you.

Because I have been able to share the same secret with a few regular Nigerians who struggled to make anything online with all the efforts they have put in.

Until they connected with me and I put them through my exact ecommerce baller's system using the little know secret twist.

Below Are Feedback From People Who I Have Made Into Ecommerce Success Story With My Fail-Proof Ecommerce Mentorship

Sam Millers's Success Story #1

Sam Miller; A Nigerian living in The United State of America always thought making money online was hard and tough.

Before joining my Ecommerce Mentorship program, he had bought different trainings but could not make money from any of them.

But after joining my mentorship, in his own words; I made everything so simple.

Now he is making a killing from ecommerce in Nigeria even though he lives in America.

And he has made well over times 10 of what he paid to join my mentorship.

Click Play Button on the video below to see him speak for himself.

Kelvin Blaze's Success Story #2

Mr. Blaze was frustrated after paying for different training courses and attending seminars.

In his own words, he said it looks like most people dont want to reveal the main secret that is making them money and he was surprise with all I was sharing with him.

He had dabbled into mini importation some years back following the shabby information he got from a training course he paid heavy for and got his fingered burnt after borrowing money to invest in a product he thought will sell out fast. 

Two years after, he still had the products in his room looking angrily at him.

Then he invested into my Ecommerce mentorship and his story changed. Click Play on the video below to see him speak for himself.

Click The Play Button Below

Charles's Success Story #3

Charles was struggling to make money online after investing in many courses. 

He was introduced to me by one of my mentee who was already making money from ecommerce.

Watch the video to see what he said after going through my mentorship.

Click The Play Button Below

Will You Love To Join My Ecommerce Mentorship Too Like The Success Stories Above?

My guess is you are excited that you finally discovered what will help you start getting results...
After all these years that you have struggled to make something tangible from this online business of a thing.
But wait..Here is few things I need to tell you!!!
My ecommerce mentorship is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. 
Why you might ask...Its simply because I want only people who are ready to put in the work to get result.
This is not a Done-For-You-Program where you pay and expect everything to be done for you...By now you should know better.
If that was the solution, then everyone will be making money online easily.
I onced thought that was the solution but it almost cost me my reputable and trust I have built over the years.
So if you think once you get access, you go to sleep, then please don't bother, you are not the kind of person I want.
But if ...
 You are ready to stop depending on one guru or the other before you make money,
 You are ready to learn the secrets that has been hidden from you for so long,
 You are willing to follow my instructions to the latter.
 And you are ready to complete every assignment I will give you during the mentorship till your own business is running and churning out crazy orders daily.
Then...You are the Person I look forward to working with. 
Even If I want to accept everyone into my ecommerce mentorship program that gaurantees massive result,
It is practically impossible.
Because my mentorship is an online one on one training where by I attended to you directly by myself and work with you from the beginning till when you start receieving orders.
This create a limit to the number of people I can attend to at the same same while still tending to my personal life and business.

This is why I have decided to accept 10 persons only into my ecommerce mentorship program that I call... Ecom Baller's Mentorship.
Most people dont have the gut to promise result with their trainings but  Ecom Ballers mentorship is different.

Since I created this, No single person has failed to make money after completing their mentorship with me.

You are probably wondering what Makes Ecom Baller Mentorship different And A Surefire Guarantee To Add More Zeros To Your Bank Balance

Believe me, when I told you a million in a month, I was just being modest because you decide what you want to make every month with what you learn from Ecommerce Baller's Mentorship.

In fact, Below is a screenshot of one of the mentees that has benefited from Ecommerce Baller's Mentorship.

He had too many orders, he had to shut down the system after spending $10 (N3,680) to bring in order worth $1,480(N544,640), I guess Making too much money is a good problem isnt it? LOL

Ecom Baller's Mentee Spends $10 (N3,680) To Bring Orders Worth $1,480(N544,640)

Results Is Not Typical

Without beating around the bush... My ecom baller's mentorship surely produce results In Your Bank Account!

My mentorship is not some sort of one day training that overloads your brain with information at the end of the day you are confused and don't know what to do.

Its an online one on one mentoring that gives you get direct access to me through your preferred chat platform like whatsapp.

Where I'll break my Ecommerce blueprint into easy steps for you, and we both take it one at a time;


Which means we don't move to the next step until you understand and complete the assessment given to you to my satisfaction.


Such that by the time we are done with all the Steps, you have a running profitable ecommerce business producing daily orders and ofcourse bank alerts.

You will have access to all the trainings, Paid tools, marketing techniques I and my first set  of mentee use to repeated build highly profitable ecommerce businesses from scratch.

So there is no way by the time we have completed the training part of the mentoring, you don't have a running ecommerce business producing daily orders for you...

Even if you have don't know what ecommerce is or you have failed woefully at every effort you put into making money online.

I can feel your heartbeat racing because you don't want to miss this rare opportunity but what the first set paid (N100,000) might be a far cry for you right now.

I totally get it...

Don't sweat it just yet because I have something special for you as my follower!

If you consider how much you have wasted on courses that didnt produce (anything) much.

Or how much you could have made if you have gotten it right since all these years...

Or how much you will still pay for the next big online training by some guru who claims to have discover another way of making millions if you dont join my mentorship fast.

Then you will realise that the investment into Ecom Baller's mentorship is a steal of a bargain at N200,000.

But you will not be paying that much because you have struggled enough!

By now you should be tired of paying for one course or another that you don't get result from.

My guess you don't want to continue to run from pillar to post when you can finally have the result that has desperately eluded you.

Which is why you won't be paying as much as what I think its actually worth.
I promise myself and my God who has made everything I have been through in life a lesson that propelled me to where I am today instead of become an object of ridicule, 

He has uplifted me, Hence I reason for being passionate to uplift other financially. 

So that instead of investing N200,000 to join Ecommerce Baller's Mentorship, You will only be required to invest

 N99,999 ONLY!

This Price Is Available To 10 Persons ONLY!

Does this subsidied price feel like I have done you a great favour?

If YES, I expect you are screaming at the top of your voice, jumping on the chair in excitement already and clicking on the register button.

But If you are yet to see it that way...Let me help you!

Imagine how much your life will change once you start getting massive daily orders and bank alerts from the ecommerce business we set up like my other mentees.

 You can finally quit that job that is sipping life out of you if you chose to.

 You can finally afford the house or car you have always dreamt about.

 You can buy whatever you wish for your loved one whenever without "IOU" or waiting till the end of the month to pay.

 You can finally go on a dream vacation with your loved ones and not worry about being broke.

Because new orders keep pouring in everyday like the image below of my orders within 2weeks.

But thats not all...

I want you to look at this opportunity this way...

You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain for taking the leap of faith once you become one of the 10 persons I accept into Ecom Baller's Mentorship.

And I am putting my mouth where my money is by demonstrating to you through not one but three gaurantees that you cannot lose when you take me up on this rare opportunity.

Ecom Baller's Triple Gaurantee

Money Back Gaurantee

If you are lucky enough to be among the 10 lucky persons to join Ecom Baller's Mentorship and after completion you dont have a running profitable ecommerce business like I have promise, I will return your investment into Ecom Baller's Mentorship.

Which will be accompanied with a handwritten apology letter for wasting your time.

Support Guarantee

Being my Ecom Baller's mentee, You have access to my attention 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week, If you run into any challenge, I will be there to walk you through it and solve it together. 

All question you have will be answered with minutes of asking them once I see them.

Adaptive Training Guarantee

Like I said, Ecom baller's mentorship is not like your regular trainings, You will get trained according to your unique challenges aside from the normal training. 

Some mentees know more than others so they can't get the same type of training, I will adapt your training according to what is required to get you result ASAP.

First of it kind in the internet marketing space that I know of.

"This is not my first time of paying for  a mentorship program but what Mr. Olujimi is doing is magical, The adaptive training with video was the first of its kind for me, I knew I was in good hands from the very first day.

And the results I started getting after completing the training is outright out of this world. 50 orders so far within 17 days at N15000 each. Mehn Thank God for blessing me with someone like You.

This is by far the best investment into myself..."

- John Francis.

"Tuale for you boss. the way you opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can achieve with ecommerce is mind-blowing.

After doing N586,000 in sales in less than 3weeks of starting, now I know with right scaling I can do A milli every month. Your matter na matter baba.

My family is always praying for you because you saved us from poverty after losing my job.  The borrowed money has been paid in full.  Thank You a million times.

- Solomon

The Ball Is In Your Court...What Are You Going To Do About It?

Become a Ecom Baller Or Tire-Kicker?

You have a choice to make, will you join the 10 persons that I'll be working with or continue to buy the next shinning product promising heaven and earth without result?

Will you cry foul and say Olujimi doesn't want you to make money online?

Or say you don't like the 3 gaurantees I give to anyone lucky enough to join my mentorship.

Or you will do whatever it takes to join the lucky 10 persons because you know that is your access to the Life you have always dreamt of.

Like I said, The ball is in your court, will you play it and score a life changing goal where you will celebrated.


Click the button below to join the 10 lucky persons that will be accepted into my mentorship program thats gaurantee to change your income and your life.

I look forward to  Mentoring you to Financial Freedom. 

Olujimi Metilelu

For further enquiries call; Whatsapp (0706 366 7303)


Q. How Much Do I Need To Start ?

A. I am a strong believer in an idea called Bootstrapping; which means you can start little and grow from there, which means you can start with a small capital like 30k, but if you are capable and want to hit the grounding running, you can start with N100,000 which will cover product securing, setting up your ecommerce order getting system.

Q- Will I Be Taught How To Buy/Import If I Need To?

A. The Ecom Baller's Mentorship teaches you how to import from China if you need to, buy beyond that, it also reveals the secret of sourcing products locally at dirt cheap price.

Q.  Will I Be Taught How To Sell The Products?

A. Of course, I will reveal to you how I build a order-getting-system that do the selling on my behalf on autopilot without chasing or begging anyone to buy the products I'm selling.  I can sleep all day and order will still keep streaming in, All I do is check my email and I see new orders every now and then.

Below is a screenshot of how my email looks.


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