How To Make Money Investing In Gold With Swissgolden Corporation

I have been away for a while now, this is due to been very busy with many thing one of which is investing in gold with swissgolden which i have already fallen in love with, as we all know the situation the country is in right now, so every man need to double his hustle so he wouldn’t end up been eaten up by the economic recession.


Anyway I have a good news  because while I am away I have been researching on something of benefit I could give you my subscriber and I finally found something and I will be talking about it today and teaching you exactly from start to finish, so sit tight and let us do this.

So what is it that I will be talking about? It has to do will gold investment, yes investing in gold. When I say gold I mean real pure 24 carat physical gold not all those virtual once you see flying around online that end up turning into scam.

So what is this gold investment all about?

The gold investment we will be talking about has to do with a company called SWISSGOLDEN. Swissgolden is an online shop just like your regular konga and Jumia, but in this online shop only pure 24 carat gold is been sold. Please make sure you understand what I mean, I am not saying there are a gold manufacturing company nor a gold mining company but an online shop that buys and resell gold bars.

What they do is buy and sell gold bullion bars for people like myself and you reading this post, hope you are getting my point. This gold bullion bars can then be used to make all those fancy things made of gold such as rings, chains, wrist watches or you can save them for the future when they would have appreciated in value and then make you more money selling them.

Do you know that in strong countries like united states of America and china, Gold are been bought and reserved due to its value. And that is why you hardly hear of economic recession in this countries. So now hope you understand my point.

SwissGolden Corporation deals with only 24 carat gold bars and this bars comes in different sizes and weights ranging from one to 100 grams.

So we have been talking about swissgolden corporation since, so how is this company affiliated to Nigeria?

since it’s not a Nigerian online portal.

Yes its not but they have a market open for Nigeria. Swiss golden Nigeria work with globally renowned and trusted companies such as Argor, Heraus, Valcambi, Umicor, Metalor Technologies, this companies are the best of the best manufacturer of Gold bullion in the world today and also work with UBS one of the most important financial center in Switzerland and UK. you can see their office here in portharcourt Nigeria below…

swissgolden portharcourt

And here is the Lagos office at 72 mobolaji bank anthony , lagos that just opened recently…



So how can one make money with Swissgolden? 

Swissgolden corporation has created a marketing program open to anybody, including you and me to participate with minimal capital and still reap huge earning in form of gold bullion.

So what about the Swissgolden business opportunity, how is it?.

The Swissgolden business opportunity is designed for entrepreneurs like yourself and me.  Swissgolden corporation trades investment gold bars, I means gold bars and not the byproduct of gold like chains, ring etc but in gold bar themselves. This investment gold bar are 24 carat gold like I said earlier and they are of the purest 999.9 gold from top gold refinery in Germany, Switzerland  and Russia and this gold is kept in the united bank of Switzerland.

So why do I want you to invest in gold?

We all must have been hearing about how gold has been very valuable worldwide and how countries mining it have been very rich.

  • Anyway gold is very valuable
  • Gold values always appreciate and never drop
  • Gold does not expire
  • Gold is almost impossible to destroy
  • Gold is universal, that is its respected worldwide
  • Gold is an asset which even banks will buy from you

So you can see why investing in gold with swissgolden is a wise decision to take

Why do I want you to choose Swissgolden when investing in gold?

  • The profit….is HUGE as far as your eye can see
  • You invest only once and never stop earning…yet your first earning has covered more than your initial capital
  • It is registered in the UK and Switzerland
  • It is affiliated with UBS world gold bank…so there is INSURANCE.
  • It is protected by the law…consumer protection act..Means they can be taken to court…. ..
  • If you try the investment and it doesn’t work..REFUND is provided by the company in gold bars when they displace you.
  • It is sustainable so you don’t have to say crash…its a business/investment in Gold.. So as long as gold remain valuable… Swissgolden thrives..
  • . It is real gold that can be delivered to you when you earn…not…real one..24karat gold supplied by World renowned producers with certificates..
  • Though you are an independent investor yet you don’t work alone. TEAMWORK. Tired of being a loner??..time to mingle!!
  • Its an investment you can be proud to declare you are part of…Who doesn’t know the value of Gold??
  • You can have investment plan for your wards, Siblings and parents in GOLD and be sure it will never depreciate in value… As opposed to SHARES…
  • There are only few things that I know that has appreciated in value since time memorial…GOLD is one of them…

what does the company offer me if i wish to invest in gold?

The company allow you to buy gold bullion from them, from 1 to 100 grams but the minimum you can buy directly from the company if you are going this way must be worth up to 7000 euros which is over 2 million naira, this is not what we want to do because not many of us could afford over 2 million naira buying gold . so other option is there?

For entrepreneurs like you and me, swissgolden corporation allows you to build a lucrative business by investing in the company through buying of gold bar and then introducing other people to do the same as you did , and the best part of it is that you need just 220 euros or 130,000 naira to start as at the time of writing this report.

In short you are being their affiliate and the company- SwissGolden is simply paying you for marketing their gold on their behalf.

So what is the business model about?

The company affiliate program operate on a seven celled tables of order(stages) which are the Starter, Main, Vip and lastly Vip+(plus)

As you can see there 4 entry point to swissgolden and the starting point which is the starter cost 220 euro which is 130,000 naira to start as at the time of writing this report.

so lets talk about the various tables:







The starter contract is the least contract in the company and it cost 220 euros or 130,000 naira equivalent. in this table you invest N130k and get 2 people to do the same. After bringing in 2 people to invest same amount then encourage those 2 to get a new 2 that will make it 6 to fill up the table of 7.

As soon as the table of 7 is filled up, you will be awarded the sum of 540 euro’s which when converted will be about N250 – N300k as profit from the business depending on the current exchange rate of EURO.

The best part about this business is that you will earn that profit 3 times. Because those people you brought in need to earn their own profit and as soon as the first 6 of them on your table earn their own profit. You too will earn another 540 euro’s on the second table. (After earning from the first table, you will be moved to a second table where u will have to wait for the 6 people to meet you there, they can only meet you there when the 6 of them has earn their own 540 euro’s from the first table) So in real sense u will earn the N250k – N300k three times from 3 different tables that will total almost N900k from a single investment of N130k.

First thing first is to fill up your first table of 7 then u will automatically be moved to the second table. On that second table you dnt have to keep recruiting to fill up the second table, all u need to do is to support your people in the first table to earn so they can meet you on the second table and if the 6 of them earn from the first table, they all will be moved to meet you on the second table before you will earn another profit and be moved to the 3rd table.

Moving to second and third table is for free you don’t have to makeor pay another investment from your pocket. Now see a picture of the table. All u need is to fill it up and enjoy the benefit of this business. you get your 2 people and encourage your 2 people to get their own 2 each. That’s all.


See some of our team members that have benefited from this N130k investment program. Many of them are students.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



This is the second contract type in the company and it cost 720 euros or 430,000 naira. on this contract you are expected to invest N430k and get 2 people to do the same. After bringing in 2 people to invest same amount, then encourage those 2 to get a new 2 that will make it 6 to fill up the table of 7.

The process is exactly the same as the first but this time the investment is different but everything is exactly the same. You need to fill up the table of 7 with people that are willing to invest the N430 with you as well. When the table of 7 is filled up you will earn between N900k – N1m from this investment program.

In this program you will earn up to N3m from the complete 3 cycle of the table because after earning from the first table u will be moved to the second table. For better understanding of how the second table works kindly scroll up to MODULE 1.

For every investment program you must fill up the table for you to earn, and you will earn 3 times if u are willing to support your team by sharing ideas to more people that will invest in this lucrative business.

Here are some of our team’s earners. In this program we have produced more than 20,000 earners and more are popping out every single day.





This is the next contract after the first two and its for big time investors.  Investing N1.5 to earn profit of N3.5m – N4m. To earn you will still need to put in the work by filling up the table of 7 as you have been reading in the first 2 MODULES.

You will earn up to N9million in this program to complete your 3 cycles.
Our team has produced over 400 earners from this VIP program in 3 months and more are popping out daily because more people are beginning to see that it is doable. So they are investing more in this big package.

Here are some pictures of some of our top VIP earners.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



This investment contract is the last program we have in swissgolden. This is for the Elite investors. you Invest N5m and earn Between N10m – N14m depends on the exchange. You still need to follow the same process of filling up the table of 7 for u to earn from this contract. In swissgolden the building process is the same, The table of 7 must be completed before you earn from the company.

This program might be big for you and we understand, most people that are investing in this program are those that has earned from the other programs and feels like upgrading their game. Though we have some new people who started the business investing the N5m direct and have benefited from it also.

Check out few of our latest earners of the N10million – N14million deal.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻





Above is the various tables and their earning structure…

So as you can see above this is not like any other such program you have seen anywhere, this is a very unique one with amazing compensation.

It is easier to make a million than you think. some of you may not still understand yet but when you go through it over and over you will but still let me show you how easy it is to make 1 million with this.

How Does It Works

when you want to join the company, you select a contract table you wish to start with and then you place order by making payment for that table, in our case we care going for the 230 euros or130,000 naira starter table, so we will be selecting that. so once this order is placed and paid you automatically becomes a partner of swissgolden corporation. your order will then be placed on a 7 celled table of order as explained earlier.

The table of order contain 3 levels and every new registration is placed on level 1 and then you will move up the table towards level 3 and level 3 is where you get paid.. see illustration below

swissgoldenAs you can see in the illustration above, level 3 is where you get paid, that is when you move from been on level 1 with 3 other people and the to level 2 with one other person and lastly on level 3 alone. and by the way it is possible for you to get to level 3 before introducing a new customer. any customer who fail to introduce two clients before the table fill up will be pushed out of the table and you will start all over again from level 1. in order for you to qualify and get bonus reward on any of the table it is compulsory for you to introduce new client for that same contract you invested in.

watch the presentation below to understand better how it works….

How To Make N1m + In Swissgolden With The Lucrative Bonus Plan

Now i will show you how i plan to make 1 million naira plus with just the first two tables. read on;

we will be working with the main table in this regards so here is the explanation

You start with €720 or N430,000 which places you in a table of order (which is made up of 7 cells), called the MAIN  TABLE. So this is you below:


Next, you’re expected to introduce 2 partners (downlines) to come under you as shown below:

👤 👤

Okay cool, then you are expected to work with your downlines vitally/encourage them to get their own 2 downlines each as well. As soon as that is done: a structure like the figure below is established:

👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤

Having this structure above earns you the first €1890 or N900,000 on the Main table or 1 million depending on the exchange rate as at the tim of earning.



And some people will be like, isint this another ponzi scheme, not really, it is a legal company and the program is not a ponzi either and i will gives you reasons for this.

10 Facts Why The Company Swissgolden Is Legal

  1. These are facts about the company & it’s up to you, whether to believe & check them or not.
  2. The company has been working for 5 years already. ( 2years + in Nigeria)
  3. Partners of the company take part in the International Exhibition of Precious Metals in Munich.
  4. Swissgolden deals with the best refineries of gold bars, i.e. Valcambi, Degussa & Argor-Heraues and the vault VIA MAT in Switzerland which are known & respected around the world. SWISSSGOLDEN has now been licensed to refine It’s own branded GOLD & other related precious metals
  5. It has a registration which can be verified. You can ask me for link & d instruction how to do it.
  6. While d company exists, there hasn’t been any fact of fraud or deception to customers.
  7. People from 112 COUNTRIES around the world take part in the Bonus Program & they already got rewards from the company.
  8. On YouTube channel, there are videos about thousands of partners & records of conferences in different countries, also how the gold of company delivered & sold in shops.
  9. Payments go through European banks.
  10. The rewards of partners come from the turnover of gold, from difference in wholesale & retail prices.
  11. There are no investments, just a prepayment for your order as in any shop.

And for those who might be thinking this is another ponzi, here arereasons why swissgolden is not a ponzi.

Difference Between Swissgolden Investment $ The Ponzi Scheme

  • In Ponzi scheme, your money is not invested on any product, but in Swissgolden, their is investment on gold
  • In ponzi scheme, you can lose money but not in Swissgolden (your money will be refunded if you refuse to move up the table)
  • In ponzi scheme you earn another man’s money, in swissgolden you earn from gold.
  • In ponzi scheme Peter’s money was paid to Paul, in swissgolden Paul help Peter to earn, and Peter must help John to earn as well.
  • In ponzi you only rely on few, committed downlines, in swissgolden all your downlines count.
  • Ponzi scheme can be killed by authority and media panic, swissgolden is not.
  • Ponzi scheme can be copycatted by fraudster, swissgolden can not.

so lt me quickly take you through the to frequently asked questions in swissgolden, am sure you might also want to ask some of this questions

Swissgolden Top Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

1. What if I cant get my 2?

The company requires you get minimum of 2 customers. In the event that you don’t meet this requirement, once your preliminary table is complete, you’re exited from the business and refunded. We call this a win-win situation. But in our team, we like our partners to at least give it their best effort, be positive and believe if others can do it, so can i and we also try as best as possible to help them, by showing them how they can get their two faster as well as helping them setup ads when required.

2. How much is it to start?
The current exchange rate is as presented above for each program. You can refer back to the person who invited you to know how to make the payment and get started on your program of choice . when you want to join my team, i will be subsidizing the rate for you so you might be paying far less than 130,000 naira

3. Will the team help me get my first 2?

No, we will not work for you as we are not your employees, we will rather work with you as partners, give you the needed tools and resources to enable you get your 2.

4. What if I have more than 2 people?

The company requires you to just get 2 customers. However if you get more than 2, we advise you support your team to grow with you. In order words, you can borrow them your excess and when they get theirs, they also give out. This is however not by force, you can signup more than 2 clients directly. .

5. So if I bring 2 people is that when I’ll be paid my 1 million?

When you bring your 2 customers, you have to work with them to also get their own 2, once this is done, you are moved to the main table. Once the Main table also is complete, that is when you earn on any program. Mind you, all you need for all these process is just those 2 people you brought in.

6. How do you get paid?

When you earn from the table, your earnings go into your SwissGolden back office, you control your back office and from there you can transfer your earnings into your Euro Account in your country. Before you can withdraw your income, you will need to do a KYC by verifying your account with your ID and Utility.

7. Is this one of those Ponzi or Pyramid schemes and what is the guarantee that this business will not go away like some others?

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are illegal and we will have nothing to do with them. We’ve done our checks on this company, they actually buy and sell gold and a lot of our partners have ordered for their gold and received it. Ponzi schemes don’t last more than a year, max 2 years. SwissGolden has been around almost 5 years, buying and selling gold, and growing stronger.

We understand your fears about companies that have gone under. This company however has been around for close to 5 years in over 200 countries and growing stronger.

8. Does SwissGolden have a physical office in Nigeria?
No, this company is an online store like Amazon or Ali-baba, that sells gold. They do not require a physical office to transact business. Same way Amazon ships your shoes and books without seeing you; SwissGolden also has been shipping gold and paying its partners for close to 5 years.

9. Are there other tables asides Main Table and if so, how much does one earn on them?



Investment : #N130K
Returns : #250K – 300K  (Cash Out)

Investment : #430,000
Returns : #900K – 1M  (Cash Out)

Investment : #1.5m
Returns : #3.5M – 4M (Cash Out)

Investment : #5m
Returns : #10M – 14M (Cash Out)

10. How do I start?

Kindly get back to the person who invited you to see the presentation so that he can put you through the registration process. in this case you are seeing this on my blog so send me a mail on


And look below on how the table flows right from when you joined with 220 euros or 130,000 naira…



And i know many of you will still be skeptical if this is actually real and if people are really been paid, anyway i will be showing you series of screenshot below to prove that the company is really paying in gold and euros.

Here is a transfer of 1,080,000 made to akinsiun olanrewaju on the 26th of january 2017 after completing the main table, he choose to sell the gold back to the company and get paid directly to his bank account the equivalent in naira



And here is another payment made to duro fadipe who is my uplines upline, even thou this payment was last december, it still qualify as a proof to me



And also here is 1,080,000 made to moses adene for closing the main table, as you can see, he sold the euros to adigu eugen who inturn paid him directly to his bank account..


And here is another payment of February 22 made to fadara abimb0la for closing the main table, as you can see she exchanged her gold to euros and euros to naira


And here is young chidinma nzewi who was paid 1048 euros in addition to getting some of her commission in gold bar, what a clever lady, forget it , ladies are the once making waves this days.


And here is hajia, displaying her own earning sent to her to the world to see, you can see she is very happy because she can sell those pure gold to gold smith for  alot of money or even keep them to sell very high in a few years time


Also see our madam as she was majestically flaunting her euros for the whole world to see and know she is now earning in euros, lol.. ladies sha


And here is a video showing you that people are really been paid in gold in case you still doubt all of the above


I can confidently say the Swissgolden business opportunity is one of the best business opportunities around right now, it has produced so many millionaires in just a few months and more will be produced this year.

Over 2000 millionaires have been produced in our team alone between August 2016 and today with many more people set for theirs.

Due to our strong team support and strategy, many of our team mates have made the millions over and over again, one team mate made N4m in January alone, this business is truly the best.

So, you can see that the main reason you need to be part of this brilliant team is our emphasis on Teamwork.

Through team work we have created a record of helping hundreds of people make their millions within a space of 6months.
Impressive right?

Even though some have not yet gotten their 2, their Tables are being filled up fast!!! Why because others are actively working and going beyond the ordinary.

Do not get left behind, join the momentum!!!


I know you will want to think it over and over but To help you make a decision, please ponder over these;
So ask yourself,why do you need another source of income?
Do you have a specified income goal this year 2017?
Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and live the life you desire?
If you answer YES to these questions, it shows you know what you want in life and this business is just right for you.

What Is The Deal

 The deal is you join my personal team, you will enjoy the following benefit

  1. The start fee of 130,000 will be subsidized for you and you will get 10% off which mean you will only have to start with 117,000 while i will personally cover the rest of the fee, dont worry i can afford to do that for 500 people as at when writing this report.
  2. You will be supported and guided on everything you should know and there will also be support 24/7 for you.
  3. Since we are working as a team we will try as much as possible to make sure you get your two  people as soon as possible in case you are finding it difficult.
  4. We run group advert and in this cas we share downlines amongst the team which means you may not need to have to worry too much about downlines if you tried and couldnt get.
  5. We help you with presentation to prospect who show interest in the business but you are not good at convincing or you dont know how to
  6. We organise seminar from time to time for our team member and this can allow you send people there to get enlightened thereby making convincing easy for you or getting downlines without much stress.
  7. We also help your intending downline subsidize their registration fee with 10% thereby giving them more confidence to signup with you as soon as possible.
  8. We organize meetup from time to time to discus ideas and share strategies as well as wine and dine
  9. you will get a free copy of this book GO PRO by Eric worre one of the best networker in the world. the book which show you the easiest way to become a professional networking. i will try my best to make sure you are successful. 


 To join my team simple send a mail to with the format below

Mail title: Swissgolden Team Olujimi

Body: i have my cash ready

Your Full Name:

Mobile number and whatsapp

you can also join our whatsapp group by CLICKING HERE

You will get a reply mail in 24 hours after we receive your email and we will followup with you on how to join the team and be part of the family.




    • @Joseph , ofcourse its very very lucrative, especially the cycling part, which means you will keep earning the amount over again for life as you keep cycling. nothing beats that, not even a chevron job that has no security

  1. Thanks for the info.
    What I want to join from the Main Start Table? Do I still get the 10%off?
    Also, would I still need to introduce 2 people to the business?

    • Hello, if you want to join from the main start table, yes you will get the 10% off but you must also get two people what will also join you with that same amount. whatever table you join, you must get two people to join you at that same table. the reason prelim starter is there is because it is affordable and many can get it easily than the main start.

  2. Thank you sir for introducing me for such a wonderful business I am very interested.sir frankly speaking I can’t hide it from you,I am too poor I am in Congo Brazzaville I can introduce a lot of people into this business, but my problem is how I can get the registration fee.i know is hard for you but I will still ask wheather you can help me for the registration of 50000naira I can introduce a lot of people after the registration here in Congo Brazzaville, well if it is not possible for you I will keep on looking for the money.may God bless you as you do understand me till I hear from you thanks yours sincerely Okolie Oliver Okolie Congo Brazzaville

  3. Very nice. I have two accounts on swissgolden one of 45k and one of 150k. I already have two downlines on the one of 45k. Right now am really broke I won’t mind selling them off at a more cheaper price. Plz how do I go about it. Thanks

  4. am very excitement to ur explaination but i want to join ur team but am in Abuja did u have a strong team hear in Abuja to be taking does who i invited.

  5. In this dispensation that nothing seems to be working for a Nigerian youth like me, SWISSGOLDEN came to my rescue. I bless the day Olujimi introduced this business to me.
    This business has really built my confidence and helped me in defining my dream.

  6. Swissgolden is a great business investment for anyone that wants to have financial freedom in life. Trading in gold is a business that has no risk. Your gold is not perishable.

  7. This is a business for all and sunder, it leaves you with just two to refer and you are already a millionaire is this days of no money. Great work olujimi, your presentation is explicit and direct, keep up the good work.

  8. First time I heard of Swiss Golden, I thought it was another ponzi. But I thank Almighty God for sending you to me.
    Now I have steady flow of money weekly and monthly into my account.
    Swiss Golden is Life saver.
    Thanks again, Olujimi Metilelu. I am grateful.

  9. Thank God for being introduced to Swiss golden investment by Jimi. It is real. A life changer. Belonging to this team has helped me tremendously to achieve my goal in Swiss golden investment.
    This is the right team to belong.

  10. Enter Your Comment…pls can someone help me , must I bring pple under me before I can earn my money , n where is d acct no. to pay d money for my registration , coz i want to start with 900k but I don’t know may be is compulsory for me bring people before I can received payment , pls send me d acct no.

  11. Enter Your Comment…if I start With 1.5m how much I will earn n must I bring people before I get paid or it is compulsory I bring people

  12. Pls I need more enlightenment I earned and my friend help sell d gram to d company I saw 182 euro in my back office can I withdraw it directly ,or can I use it to purchase another order am lost on what next
    I also saw 31 euro on my credit bonus is it withdrawable pls I need more counsellib from u on how to go about it.tnks

  13. Hi Olujimi,

    I have just joined SwissGolden, although via another person referral.

    But this is a nice write up & explanation, could I lift and use them? Of course, I’ll be crediting you with a do-follow link sir.

    Your permission sir? Thanks

  14. Hello and good afternoon
    trust this meets you well.
    I invested in SG since November 2017 and i have been stuck ever since
    Can you help advance my investment even if its to share the profit? Based on what was sold to me, the monies invested is a loan and its threatening my integrity.
    Can you help?

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