How To Get Unlimited Facebook Accounts For Facebook Business

It has been very tough lately with Facebook advertising. Many time people complain of their facebook ads account disabled. And this means all their converting ads running on the account will stop. same with their sales .
I got banned 12 times and went on several months holiday from facebook. i finally stumble on the information on getting unlimited facebook account.
So i will like to go straight to the point and not waste out time in here. The platform i am showing you has every kind of account you may wish to buy. Be its Yahoo, Facebook Markeplace, Google, Twitter, Hotmail, Google Voice or Facebook Accounts.
So what platform is this and how do you get to pay with them. The platform is And its a website with 2 languages, Russian version  and English version. So when you are on the site, you switch language version at the top to english to be able to understand the site better.

so depending on what you are looking for, you have to scroll through the website to look for it. Facebook best for business manager is old phone verified account. So thats exactly what i will advice you go for. Those that are atleast 2 years behind from the time you needed the account.

This platform makes it very easy for you to buy this account. Payment options includes that includes Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, perfectmoney , webmoney and credit card which i would not advice you use.
My most prefered method of payment is perfectmoney and bitcoin. They are very easy to get, both the fund and the account. You can get bitcoin from or and other reliable sites and exchangers.
For perfectmoney, you need to open an account at And verify the account so you can enjoy little fee for your transaction. When it comes to funding perfectmoney you can use websites like NGE.NG and NAIRA4DOLLAR.COM
Once you have your bitcoin or perfectmoney ready, the next is for you to scroll to the buttom of the page to specify the kind of account and units to buy.

so as you can see above i selected 2 unit of 2018 facebook phone verified account and i also selected perfectmoney as my payment method, you can go for bitcoin as well.

Which ever payment method you are using, just make sure you are following the instruction they listed on their page for you to use.

When you make a payment. you will move to the next page where you download the Facebook phone verified account. once you do that make sure you login to it immediately . When in, create a facebook business account the correct way. Add your main Facebook account as admin in the case that this particular account has issue.. you can still enter its Facebook business from within your own main facebook account…
Thats all about How To Get Unlimited Facebook Accounts For Facebook Business.
You can get other platform account as well especially those into instagram advertising. you can get instagram account to fire on your business non stop.
At this point in the world, not even Facebook can stop your business. Whatever they try, there will always be a way around it.


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  1. This is cool.

    Will Facebook not restrict the ACC since you’re logging in from a different country the fb ACC was created?

    • There is a reason why i told you to create a business manager imediately and add your main acc as an admin of the business manager in the case if such occurrence..also avoid using Network like wifi to login, rather use mobile network providers lile mtn and airtel when login in the first time… just avoid wifi

  2. Which facebook account option is better to buy for a budget of 2,000 naira?

    There are

    1. VSOP (above $20 kia)
    2. 2009, 2011 SH, 2012, 2013 etc
    3. PVA 2014,15,16, and PVA RU.

    All these option, I don’t know which one make sense first like what are the pros vs cons.

    Which one do you normally go for?

    • i said only buy phone verified facebook acc and that is facebook pva… check the site for facebook pva and but any that your 2000 can afford, but dont forget age account is best .. to see the price. select what you want to buy and select payment method and proceed, it will show you the price of what you selected, then you can decide if its within your budget or not

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