How To Make Money As An Health Consultant In Nigeria

how to make money as an health consultant in nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed nation. so many opportunities are bound like the one i am about to write on which is how to make money as an health consultant.

Its no news that Nigeria is a developing country. The lack of basic amenities which has resulted in several health challenges.

Take a look at the present world health organisation stat comparing the USA and Nigeria.

how to make money as an health consultant

how to make money as an health consultant

Looking at the images above, you would not help but notice the Huge gaps.

Even when the usa have over 2 times the population of Nigeria.

They still maintain a very good health profile.

Take a look at the probability of dying between 15 and 60 years per 1000 population for instance.

You realize that Nigeria has far more mortality rate than usa. 372/333 compared to usa 142/86, this should tell you something.

Even thou there are huge difference in the standard of living between both countries.

what contributed most was awareness. Those in usa are more aware about their health, their eating pattern, their lifestyles.

But in Nigeria here little to no effort are been made to create awareness as regards health. you only get this when you visit the hospital where you could actually see some of them.

Most Nigerian suffer from health challenges due to little importance on their health.

Most especially their eating habit and daily routine habit. And when they start having health challenges they don’t know what to do.

Most times majority of this ailment we suffer from in Nigeria does not need going to the hospital.
But rather changing some certain pattern in our lifestyle. Pattern like eating pattern, daily routine, sleeping, using the right supplements etc.

Reason for the service of health consultants who can help with all this knowledge.

Health consultant also help on ways to improve overall health.

so hence the need of this article on how to make money as an health consultant in Nigeria.

what is health

According to medical news today Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and as a resource for living a full life. It refers not only to the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.

Many Benefits of a Good Health

1. Living a Happier Life

With a sound health, you will live an happier life, there will be no such thing as worrying about health challenges but if it were the other way round then it will be very difficult maintaining happiness in your life.

2. Getting Closer With Your Loved Ones

With a sound health you will have more time for your friends and family, go to the movies, go picnic, go shopping and do alot of things with those close to you.

3. Saving a Lot of Money

no one want to make money, save them for the future only to start spending them on health challenges. a good health will save you money you would have spent treating one health challenges to the other.

4. No Feeling the Pain of Many Diseases

with a good health, your life would be free from pain, in fact you wouldn’t know how it felt like to be in pain from the many diseases we have today.

5. Encourage Productivity

A good health increases your productivity while the opposites impede your productivity. when you have a good health, whatever you indulge yourself in will be sure to be productive as you have no health challenges to stop you from putting your all into it

6. You Are More Energized

when you have a good health, you have more energy to do anything you want to do, but in the case of a bad health, you are always lacking energy and most certainly always very week.

7. Enjoy Physical Activities

a good health allow you move freely which in-turn allow you enjoy any physical activities you can think of which can create an healthy memory for you.

8. Enjoy Your Hobbies

Hobbies are enjoyed when there is a good health, lack of good health end up making your hobby not enjoyable. so enjoying your hobbies requires you have a sound health.

9. Longer Longevity

People with good health tend to live longer and last longer on the surface of the earth no doubt, bad health are mostly the cause of most death we have in the world today.

10. Better Sex Quality

sex is enjoyable and of quality only when there is a good health where you have all the energy and stamina to engage in it which makes your partner enjoy same too.

11. Able to Think Clearer

healthy has a way of contributing to the way you think, you tend to think clearer when you have a good health than when you are sick.

12. Better Emotional Well Being

when you have a good health, you are emotionally sound because you have nothing to worry about regarding your health and you can think very clearly.

13. You Won’t Become a Burden for Other People

with a good health, you are not a burden to anyone as you can take care of yourself and you need no one to do that for you whatsoever

14. Boost the Self-Esteem

when you have a sound health, your self exteem is always very high unlike when you are ailing.


Just one in 20 people worldwide (4·3%) had no health problems in 2013, with a third of the world’s population (2·3 billion individuals) experiencing more than five ailments, according to a major new analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) 2013, published in The Lancet. so you can see where am getting at with this article on how to make money as an health consultant

Who is an health consultant

Well this may have several definition from different perspective, depending on how its been looked at.

But my own definition of the health consultant i will be writing about here is a person not necessary in the medical field or any related field to the medical field who help ailing individual with advice, routine and recommendation on getting their health back from whatever ailment they are suffering from.

What do you need to be an health consultant

Well for you to be a believable health consultant that people will confide in when it comes to their health challenges, you need to have a vast knowledge in the health areas you specialize in and you can do this by extensive research on the particular health areas you have chosen to specialize in, we will be talking about choosing an area of specialty later in the article.

You need to as well have enough time, because patient will always have one or 2 questions to ask you and you should always be available to answer them not keep them waiting, when you do this they will be more open and willing to follow your instructions, with this you are ready to know how to make money as an health consultant in Nigeria.


Reasons you should be an health consultant

Help people Live better 

in this part of the world people put little importance to the state of their health, they are just to busy hustling that they forgot they need to take a proper care of the body they are hustling with, and the only time they are forced to do that is when they started ailing in health. this should not be so and its your job as an health consultant to help them understand all this little thing so as to keep their health in good standing so they can be healthy to keep hustling. so when you help people better their life it will contribute to to one of the way on how you make money as an health consultant. you simply get paid for this service without much stress because when it comes to health challenges, people are always very serious and ready to listen to you.

Empower people with Knowledge

as an health consultant, you will be able to create a lot of awareness, teach people a lot of things they never knew about their health and lifestyle, teach them the does and don’ts and so many knowledge they were ignorant about and is telling on their health.

Acquire Knowledge

As an health consultant you will naturally start learning about so many thing, you will research alot of thing both online and offline and you will go the extra mile to acquire knowledge you wouldnt have bothered about just so you can deliver well to your client as a believable health consultant.

Get Paid Handsomely

As an health consultant, you will get paid handsomely not just by a few but by a lot of people and even companies whose product you will be recommending, because health they say is wealth and people are ready to pay more to have a sound health.


Who needs health consultants

i understand you may want to ask, you are the people that needed an health consultant, well the truth is everybody needed an health consultant, whether ailing or healthy because our healthy depict our way of life and most times we are ignorant about the ways we should live for a better health, its the job of an health consultant to put you on the right path for a healthier present and future.

How to become an health consultant

so lets talk about how to become and health consultant so that you can as well make money as an health consultant later.

Step 1: Research

This is very very important to become and health consultant and when i say research, i am not talking about shallow but in-depth research into the area of expertise you want to specialize in… know all what is there to be known on how to improve, manage and in fact eradicate  health issue in that particular area you are specializing, be it ulcer, fibroid, infertility, premature ejaculation, athrithis, ashma etc just make sure you have indept understanding. make sure you know the possible causes, do’s and don’t for those suffering it, daily routine for them to follow and lastly working product to recommend to help them achieve relief or possible cure

Step 2: Partnership

And the above said, after research and understanding what need to be understood, you will then need to partner with a company with excellent track record and product proven to work for your new health consultancy area. there are several company that are out there that claim to have a working product for this and that but let us not decieve ourselves, not all of this company really does. so when you want to partner, partner with a company with proven testimonies, when i say proven, i means one you can confirm and not all those paid testimonies.

DISCLAIMER: i have one of such good company with tested and proven product, yes i used several of their products and are working perfectly as they claimed. you can contact me directly for that via whatsapp only +2349063204011, whatsapp only please

So with the ability to research and the right company partnership, you will do well as an excellent health consultant and make money as an health consultant in Nigeria.

Helping People with health challenges

So here we are, how to go about helping people with health challenges. it is important to not the major causes of ailment , especially those we suffer from today. majority are caused by lifestyle, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Environmental Quality. Ill health does not occur randomly but has a cause or causes. By investigating who is ill and who is healthy, and which risk factors they are exposed to, we can start to unravel the reasons why some groups of people are less healthy than others.

  • In public health, the aim is often to prevent disease in communities or populations by removing the underlying causes at source such as air pollution or poverty. This requires a more detailed knowledge of background “causes” than would be used in clinical practice.
  • In clinical practice, a straightforward approach is used to identifying the cause of a health problem in a patient. For example:
    • Smoking causes chronic bronchitis. Therefore a patient can be told why he has chronic bronchitis and advised to stop smoking.
    • The mosquito carried parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) causes malaria. Therefore a patient must be treated with a drug to which the local malaria parasite is sensitive.

So i believe you are getting the drift, so when we talk about helping people with health challenges, we have to make sure we are aware of the underlying causes.

This people may be asked to go for a proper check at the hospital after which you work with whatever is the result of the test and then when you know this things you can then advice on what to do and what not to do and as well gave recommendation on the type of diet (Dont forget to research fruits that help with addressing the ailment, as fruits are natural immuno booster) to be on and also recommend a product that can help them manage or eradicate the challenges.

DISCLAIMER: a proper combination of the right fruits and vegetable in a diet can help remove half of the challenges from an health issue, so make sure you research a combination of fruits and vegetable to recommend to the patient to add to their daily diet

lets me make several instances and examples


what to do

Excercise more by taking a walk

Eat more of baked foods

Eat more of seafood such as fish

Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.


what to avoid

Avoid high bloood pressure

avoid obesity

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Avoid fried foods

Avoid meat and dairy products.

Avoid salt, use salt-free seasonings such as herbs, spices, or fruit juices

Avoid egg yolks and liver.

What to recommend for total recovery: recommend a product from the company with which you partner with that has been proven to work for this ailment and continue to guide them on the usage as well as make it available for them when they need it.

Disclaimer: My present company i partner with has 5 product that work together to totally eradicate this ailment just like any other you may want to specialize in.


what to do 

Exercise regularly

Eat a healthy diet

Reduce salt in your diet

Monitor your blood pressure at home and see your doctor regularly

Get support from friends and family


what not to do

Avoid alcohol

Avoid Smoking

avoid coffee and other caffeinated drink

Avoid stress

What to recommend for total recovery: recommend a product from the company with which you partner with that has been proven to work for this ailment and continue to guide them on the usage as well as make it available for them when they need it.

Disclaimer: My present company i partner with has 2 product that work together to totally eradicate this ailment.

And so many examples for various ailment be its infertility, fibroid, premature ejaculation, low sperm count etc there is always a routine for it and there is always a working product that when supplemented with the routine will give the desired result.

So i believe you grab the gist, for every ailment you can think of there is something promoting it and there is something you can stop doing that will help towards eradicating it.

And that’s exactly what you will be helping this people with and at the same time recommending a product from the company you partner with whereby you will make money reselling their product as a recommendation to patient as well as benefit from their compensation plan if they have a multilevel marketing model in place.

The company i am currently in partnership has all of this and you are welcome to private chat me to be part of the partnership so you can as well do same

How to find patients that may need your service

This is one of the areas i know most people will have challenges but not to worry, i will be more detailed here as possible.

Everyday people go online to post about their health challenges as well as as questions about health topics, this can be either on social media or on forums and it is your job to look for such people. Aside this, people tell their friends who in turn ask other people and so on.

so we will be talking about where to find patients who may need your service and the best places are Forum and Social Media


As we all know, Nairaland is the top forum people visit more in Nigeria.

And that means your ideal client will likely be on Nairaland than any other forum except that forum is an health forum.

So how do you use Nairaland to search for your ideal client, its simple, just head to the health area and scroll through to see what people are posting about, then when you see a post about an area you specialize in, you simply have to contribute and help the person understand the problem and share insight on the issue and possible routine then you can drop your email or whatsapp number for such person to contact you.

Make sure that you have painted a picture of a specialist on that challenges before dropping your detail for contact if not you may be seen as a scammer looking for who to fleece.

Another way you could get to do this is to use canva to create banner for the category you deal in.

For instance lets say you deal with ulcer and fibroid, you can create a banner with something like this that isint promoting direct but portraying a willingness to help. and do not forget to leave the information you promised them on the banner on the post because if you dont they see it as salesy and wouldn’t contact you

How To Make Money As An Health Consultant

So lets make another example for someone with fibroid, you will do the same thing, just make sure that your are not been salesy, you have to show them you want to help them

How To Make Money As An Health Consultant

so i believe you are grabbing the idea, then when they sent you a mail or message you on whatsapp depending on what you left on the banner you can then follow them up with the step by step healing process based on what you have researched and sure will worked and a product that is proven to work from the company you partnered with.

well this is not all, you can also use forum to get a prospect by creating a thread talking about this health challenges as an expert and offering solution and also allow a question and answer on the thread too, at the end you can ask them to contact you for free consultation and help on eradicating the ailment..

Social Media

social media is also another place you could find patient that would be interested in the service you render and you can do that on the various social media via the following method

Knowledge Sharing: using social media to source for people that may be interested in your service can be done by knowledge sharing just like i stated on using forum earlier, you have to position yourself as an expert in the field and the you will write extensively on the areas you specialise in and then give them the opportunity to ask you questions on the topic not forgetting to let them know they can contact your for free consultation and also help with actualizing total remedy to their ailment with your guidance.

you can post this on any of your social media account either as a series for twitter for instance or a single post for other social media like facebook, instagram and linkedln. trying this is a health group may work very well for you as people in the group are already focused on learning more on health, so naturally they will be interested in what you are writing about and you may get some that needed your help.

Post Scouting: here you have to go around social media and look for comments and post where people are complaining of health challenges and then you assist them with possible routine they should engage in and at the same time telling them to contact you for further help.


yes blogging is also one of the great way you can look for people that may be interested in your offer. here what you need to do is to create a blog that is dedicated to health wellness and you share all your health tips there all for free and make sure you have your contact on the site and be willing to answer question.

Blogs that are optimised for seo can bring you free traffic when you have a unique content and also you can create backlinks to the blog on forums and comment of other blog to generate traffic to it or share your blog post on the various social media after writing

Picking area to specialize in

Yes it is very important to have an area you specialise in, you dont want to be a specialist at everything because people would hardly believe you when they notice that, they will feel you are likely just interested in selling to them than trying to help them.

so its best you pick areas to specialise in and research extensively on this areas, for example you can specialise in 4 or 5 areas say fibroid, infertility in men and women, erectile dysynfuction, hypertension, impotence or you can specialise insexualy transmitted disease, stroke,diabetes, cancer,ulcer etc.

The point here is to define the area you want to be an expert in and research on the area extensively to gather the needed knowledge required.

where is the money

Since we do not want people to know that we will be benefiting from their health challenges so we wouldnt be asking them to pay for consultation, we would give them the consultation free and then make the money from recommendation we would be offering them.

Like i said earlier, you will be required to work with an healthy company who has variety of working product that are capable in helping to fight ailment and most time this company always have a multilevel marketing system in place.

So what we will be doing is making money from recommending or selling their product to patent and at the same time from their multilevel marketing system by introducing interested patient who have been satisfied with your service. so you basically make money from selling product and as well from building a network of people willing to join you to do the same thing.

A person that you have helped improved their health will naturally want to be part of whatever it is you are doing so they can also help other do the same, so you will not have problem building a network if your follow the approach i thought here on the post

DISCLAIMER: the present company i partner with has this in place, they have proven product that i myself have used and is still using as well as a very good multilevel marketing, so basically i make money from selling as well as building a network of people to do same


Mediums that makes consulting easier

There are several mediums that will help in this your new on health consulting and i have a list of some pf those i use below.

Canva: with this too, you can create a quick banner for your business with just dragging and dropping, its very handy when you  needed a banner right away to use for a pareticular post you want to make on any medium, you can get it here

Microsoft Word Office; when there is need for you to write p-ost to put on the various scial media and forum or promo post then microsoft office would be very hyandy for you and here is the link to get it 

Inshot: is a tool you can use to create and edit videos as well as pictures, you may want to create a video testimonies from text or from images at your disposal, or even promotional videos for your business. This is the best tool you can use for that and you can get the free version from playstore by clicking here

Whatsapp: this is a very cool app for consultancy and almost everybody you know uses it, which means you can use it as your office where you communicate and pas your message with the prospect or patient. Get Telegram here

Telegram: this is also a very cool app for consultancy, with more feature than whatsapp only that it isint that popular but it is a very good app as it allow you encrypt your chat with your client such that it cannot be shared with a third party and so many other wonderful features that whatsapp lacked.Get whatsapp here

Google Mail:google mail is a wonderful app you can use for your consultancy to recieve enquiries from patient or client and ytou can always leave it on your post for them to send you a mail. Get google mail here

Facebook page: with a facebook page you can share detailed post on the ailment to which you specialised in consulting in and so many other information related to that ailment for your audience to see and to boost your service outreach

Instagram page: intagram is a very good marketing and prospect findiong medium and it will really help you in looking for patient as well as marketing your service.  Get instagram here


Conclussion: you can be an health consultant and still build a solid 7 figure business here in Nigeria from the comfort of your home and you can help people improve their health with the help of research and partnership with health company

My Offer For You Today If You Want To Start Your Journey As An Health Consultant

  1. Am open to mentor you and put you in track towards your journey been an health consultant.
  2. I will help you with formulating a diet plan you can use generally for any Niche you specialise.
  3. Help you pick areas to specialise in for faster growth
  4. Be open to answer your question.
  5. Allow you be in my network where i help you grow and we both work together towards helping you build your network
  6. Help you with promotional ideas and material for you new found love.etc

How Much Will this cost you? well if i want to i might as well place a N20,000 price on this, but i will not be doing that, i will only give you one condition, which is for you to register as my downline under my network so that it would be very easier for us to work together while the both of us can benefit.

So its TOTALLY FREE but you needed to be part of my team to enjoy all this benefits.


You can chat me directly on my whatsapp no call on +2349063204011




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