Mini Importation Business- How To Start One

Hello reader, I have been getting a lot of request from people who wanted to learn about how to start their own mini importation business from the comfort of their home and I don’t blame them either because importation is one of the hottest business in Nigeria aside the oil and gas because Nigeria import virtually almost 65% of the traded commodity in the country today, correct me if am wrong.

So today I have taken the time to teach you how to start your own mini importation business right from the comfort of your home.

Before you start thinking of mini importation, there are certain things you need to have in place as well as researches you need to work on, some of this things are;

  • Never go into mini importation without a target market in mind.
  • Before you think of importing any product, always have a marketing plan no matter how small.
  • Research any product very well before you even think of buying it.
  • Make sure any product you wish to buy fulfill the need of a target set of people.
  • In my own experience buy product that solve a pressing need to majority of people not those that add to luxury, Nigerian is not that rich and the competition on this product is high.
  • Never buy more than your marketing plan can take, it is very risky

Once you have all this in mind then you can start thinking about mini importation.

So what exactly is mini importation business?

In my own words, I did say mini importation business is a system whereby one import product from other countries into one’s own country in smaller scale that in most cases don’t require one having to use a container or having to go to the port to clear it, thou this might not be the best explanation or definition to this but like I said that is what I can say it is in my own words.

Why mini importation and what’s all the noise about it?

Yes, mini importation aren’t a big deal to start with some years ago because back then Nigeria don’t import much of their product, but as at this year, Nigeria import almost up to 65% if not 70% of the traded commodity in the country even the oil been sold in filling stations and some agricultural product which are in abundance years back. But today the story has changed and Nigeria now rely on heavy importation to sustain her economy.

So this alone mean that those who go into the large scale importation business will make a hell lots of money likewise those who are into mini importation because that is what is keeping Nigeria economy in check and I don’t think the government can put an embargo on that anytime soon noir even in the nearest future. So this is the cause of the noise you have been hearing about mini importation and why you should also partake in it.

How do you start your own mini importation business?

Off course you can start your own mini importation business with the right knowledge and essentials which I will show you in the course of this post. Since as a mini importer you don’t need to know anyone abroad or even know any custom agent or forwarder then still you will need to have certain things which I will list below;

Personal Laptop With Internet Connection Or A Cyber Café: as much as this cannot be overlooked, it is important that you have your own personal computer with internet connection, whether a desktop computer or a laptop computer, anyone will do so far it can be connected to the internet. Though you can use a cyber café while starting out but I will recommend you get your own computer if you intend to take it as a full time business, sooner you will need a personal computer to use to do many other online promotion and marketing.

An ATM card or PayPal Account: These two options are mainly meant to make payment for the goods you wished to order. You must have an ATM card whether a debit card or a credit card so far the card has been activated for online shopping, you can get an ATM card from any of the banks in Nigeria but in regard to importation, STANBIC IBTC BANK are the best bank to go to and they have the cheapest exchange rate in Nigeria too, this is because they are a subsidiary of STANDARD BANK GROUP a south African company. You can simply walk into their office and ask to open a saving account with them and a MasterCard debit card will come with the saving account you opened with them, this will only take 5 business days. In the other hand there are certain times with some online shopping portal where you will require a PayPal account to make payment; you can get a PayPal account by going to to open a Nigerian PayPal account.

Valid Or Traceable Home Or Office Address: since we are importing right from the comfort of our home or office then we need to make sure that our home or office address is traceable so that we can get our product safely at the doorstep. Most time you will only need this during registration and at time you will need it both during registration and shipping depending on the online shopping portal you are shopping from.

An Email Address: this is very vital to your importation business; you will need an email in order for you to be able to register with the respective websites you want to import from, and also to receive notification, alert and some other necessities.

Those are the things you need to start your own mini importation business.

So now that we know what we know what we require to start mini importation business, how do one know what to buy and what not to buy, this is important because it will be very risky if you made the mistake of going for the wrong products. Yes there are products that are very wrong to start importing not because they are forbidding product or because they are costly but because they are just the wrong product in relation to the standard of living in Nigeria, economy and competition. We will be treating this further as we move on in this post.

How to know the right product to import?

Of course there are right and wrong products to import not because they are forbidden by the government but because they are the wrong product if we should consider the economy, standard of living, the need it satisfy and competition. For instance you know that there are bigger companies that import apple iphones into the country in larger quantity and still sell at reasonable price and you still go ahead to import quantities of such product, this showing that you are directly competing with the big companies and you are not going to last longer in the market and again this same apple iphone is an high end phone and if we should consider the standard of living and the Nigerian economy only a small chunk of people would be able to afford it there by killing your chance of selling your product when faced with a stricter competition, as you know anyone can now order an iphone online just in case they think your price is not right and more so they already know the market price so they will rather go somewhere else if your price is above the market price and here is where your competitors comes in. you can never compete with those that buy larger quantities of such products, and the product itself does not satisfy a pressing need since there are other phones that has the same features and perform same functions.

So let me give some examples of wrong products to import so you understand what I mean better.

Some examples are laptop computers, television, cameras, adult’s clothes, high end phones, hollandaise, house hold equipment, kitchen utensils, adult shoes, bags, and other things one can easily walk in to a nearby store and get, in fact what is the purpose of buying products people can easily walk into any store and get in your immediate locality.

So how about how to know products to import?

For you to know what products to import, such product has to satisfy any of these criterions.

  • The product must be able to address a pressing need people need solved.
  • It must not be one you can easily walk into any nearby store to get.
  • It should target a vast majority of people not just a few.
  • You can also go for festive product, which are product that are only found during the festive season.
  • Rarely seen product or uncommon products

So this is the criterion for knowing what product to buy and which not to buy, some examples of products to buy are specialty product such as baby wears, as far as I know only large super market sell this and ibo guys don’t sell it either, products that address security problems such as security cameras thou this is gaining ground in the country but the paces is very slow, you can buy them and also learn to install them for buyers, car trackers you can buy this because there is a vast market for it and most Nigerians don’t know about it, human personal life problem such as hearing aid for those with hearing problem, body odor remover, hair growth product, vagina care product, mouth odor product, sexual health product and health product and so on and so forth.

So now that we know how to know the type of product to import where can we import this product from?

The major countries where we can easily import product into the Nigerian market is china and in some cases United Kingdom and united states in the case of some type of products.

You can buy virtually anything from china ranging from clothes to personal product to health products but when it comes to electronic you need to overlook the Chinese not because they don’t produce quality electronics or product but because their market is full of many substandard products not all though but majority of the electronics from them, that is why it’s not advisable to buy electronic product from china even for personal use unless you wish to buy low end products.

So like I said, china, united states and the united kingdom are the three major countries to import from, and I am not saying you need to know anyone in this country before you can start importing from there, in fact you don’t need to know even a single person there before you can import from this countries. You can import from them by using the top online shopping portal in the respective country.

Though you can import from each of this countries but china is the best place you get the cheapest product and also shipping and that is why mostly all the major importers import from china. Though we will be treating about importation from the three countries but I will be putting more emphasis on importing from china.


Guideline For Importing From Abroad From Any Website

Though there are many different international shopping portal you can import from, but shopping on this portal in most cases will follow the same process and this process I will discuss in the next paragraph.

Register with the website: as I will be mentioning the top online portal that is safer to shop with in this post. Registration on them usually follows the same process in most cases. When on the website click on REGISTER or SIGNUP for a new account and then fill the form that comes up with the appropriate details as requested on the form nothing that your name and address should in most cases be the same as the one you use while opening the bank account whose card you want to use to pay for your goods. when you registered, a confirmation link will most times be sent to your email for you to confirm, log in to the email you registered with and do click on the link to confirm your registration and your account will be automatically verified.


Browse through the categories: now that you have registered and verified your account, its time for you to look for the product you wish to buy, you can browse through the categories in cases where you are in search of new ideas or you can just go to the search box usually at the upper part of the web site and the type in whatever product you wish to buy in there and click on search. The website will then bring up the list of searches that matches the product you are looking for, look carefully and make sure you are satisfied with a product before attempting to buy it.

Check out the product details and specification: now that you have seen a product you are interested in don’t just click on buy yet, you need to check out the product to make sure it’s the right product for you and also to make sure it’s a quality product by checking out the product details, specification and reviews. In my case I make sure any product I wished to buy the seller of such product describe the product as much as possible and not just one short description, such sellers are not serious once if not they will take the time to give in-depth description of the product, also check out the product specification or features and make sure it is what you are looking to buy and also check out the reviews of the merchant, only buy from merchant with 95%- 100% review feedback.

Add product to shopping cart: since you have now gotten the product you are interested in, it is now time for you to add it to your shopping cart, adding product to shopping cart is the same as putting product in the shopping basket in the super market, they are product you wished to buy, if you don’t wish to buy the product right away you can add them to wishlist instead and come back at a later day for it


Contact merchant: so now that you have added the product to cart you can then contact the seller of the product and ask them questions about the product, amongst the questions to ask the merchants are the following questions;

  • Is this product still available for purchase?
  • Do you ship this product to Nigeria; if not can I use a middle man
  • Can I get some discount on this product?
  • Do you have escrow for this product?
  • What payment method does this product offer?
  • How long will it take to get this product if I ordered for it?
  • What shipping method do you have

And some other question you might want to ask, please take note that it is important for you to as many questions as you can especially the once I listed above, reason been that there are sometimes seller will forget to remove product they are no more selling or out of stock and you go ahead and place order only to be disappointed.

And also take note that when you message a merchant and such merchant doesn’t respond in 48 hours on a working day then you are advice to look for another merchant because if they cannot respond to your message within this time frame, what is the guarantee that they will respond to your order when you place it. So communication is important and it can go far as getting you a good bargain with the merchant if you master the bargaining skill.

Checkout: now that you have contacted the merchant and you both have reached an agreement, you can now go ahead and place your order, checking out means been taken to the page where you can make payment for the order you placed, at this point you will usually be taken to the page where you will provide your payment information such as payment method and details, say you selected credit card, you will be asked to provide your credit card details here so the amount of the order can be deducted from it so your purchase can be successful. At this point, make sure you provide the correct details and be sure that your credit card details match the one that you used when registering on your online shopping portal if not your payment might not be successful.

Specify Your Delivery Method: so after payment you can then specify your delivery method to the merchant, whether you want them to ship via post office, courier of your choice or if you want them to send to a third party address, thou this does not actually come after placing your order, you can communicate it with the merchant during or even before placing your order.

The best shipping method I have used so far is the use of third party logistic shipping, my present third party logistic and shipper are RITJOSE LOGISTICS for my china shipping and SHOPTOMYDOOR for my united state or united kingdom shipping and both have been very good so far.

Select payment method: yes you will be giving the choice to select your payment method, depending on your country there are certain payment method that will be very convenient for you, as for Nigerian it is the credit card option that are most favorable, so in this case it is what you will select in your payment method.

Pay for order: so now you have selected your payment method, it is now time for you to pay for your order, once you are sure everything is right then you can go ahead and pay for the order.

Importing From United Kingdom, United State and China

United Kingdom, United State Importation

when I talk about importing from usa and uk I mean to say electronics and some other gadgets, though some can be costly and others can also be cheap but the main issue here is the shipping down to Nigeria, as at the time of writing this post there have not been any cheaper third party shipping agent like it is for china importation

in the United States and United Kingdom the major shopping portal you can buy from is thou there are other shopping portal, but Amazon is the most popular and best of them all. here is how the website look like.. is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest internet based retailer in the United States. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDS, BLU-RAYS, CDS, VIDEO DOWNLOADS, SOFTWARES, VIDEO GAMES, ELECTRONIC, APPAREL, FURNITURE, FOOD, TOYS and JEWELRY.

Amazon is not only in the united states, they also have separate retail website for united states, united kingdom, Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, brazil, Japan, India, Mexico and even china.

Thou Amazon offer international shipping to Nigeria and some other countries but the shipping fee is not cheaper when compared to importing from china directly and in most cases you will need to use a proxy shipping company or third party shipping company.

So once you have registered on amazon and followed the step which I gave earlier on this post titled Guideline For Importing From Abroad From Any Website and it is time to select how you want your product shipped to you will use this proxy/third party company and you can also use all world shipping which is very cheaper by contacting them via email at and telling them you intend to use their service for your us and uk importing. As for shoptomydoor, You will first have to go to their website and register with them and they will give you a unique virtual address which you will supply to your shopping portal to send your goods to. The address will look like the one in the image below


As you can see below that there are 4 different unique addresses there and this is the shipping address you will provide on your shopping portal for your product to be sent to, if shopping from us then you give then the us address, if its uk then you give them the uk address and so on. Please leave the china out of it because I will be telling you about a cheaper logistic to use for your china importation.


Once your goods has been delivered to them they will notify you via email or phone telling you they have a shipment with your name and giving you the quote to ship it down to your address in Nigeria

You can read their FAQ here to learn more about them

So that’s all about united states and united kingdom importation for now, thou Amazon is not only the shopping portal in this countries alone, there is also as well as , and even owned by apple computers but Amazon is the one that is most popular and also ship directly to Nigeria and accept credit card too. But you can also try others with the step I gave you in the guidelines earlier on this post.


China importation

Importing directly from china is the most common and cheapest so far, it is very easy and convenient too and you can find a lot more cheaper item in the Chinese market than in other market, thou it is not advisable to buy electronics from the Chinese market but you can conveniently buy every other thing from china.

The top shopping portals in china are the once controlled by the prestigious and widely know alibaba group. This group operates various businesses and also derives support from their ecosystem from the businesses and services and related and affiliated companies

And their major businesses and the businesses of their related companies and affiliates include and not limited to the following; ( ) is the first business of the Alibaba group and is a leading platform for global whole sale trade serving millions of buyers and supplier around the world. Through, small businesses can sell their products to companies in other countries. Sellers on are typically manufacturers and distributors based in china and other manufacturing countries such as India, Pakistan, the United States and Thailand. Thou you can conveniently shop on this platform but you have to be very careful because there are many scams going on the website by some unscrupulous element.

As much as I would like to recommend this website to you I will also advice you that you need to be ready to buy in larger quantity before you think of going to this website, so if you are ready to buy in very bulky quantity then you can try this website, you will get the products at dead cheap price than you will get anywhere else reason been that they only sell wholesale and their sellers normally have a minimum number of product you can buy from them, if you do not satisfy this minimum you will not be able to buy from them unless if you contact them directly and negotiate.

Also note that on this website you will be paying directly to the merchant, so this is not safer in term of security, because once you send the seller your money and it turnout that such seller is operating under pretense then it will be hard for you to recover your money.

I have never shopped on this website myself due to the alarming scam rate and also because I don’t really buy much bulky products but I do know a lot of people who shop from there, especially those big importers and companies in Lagos. Buying on this website follow the same process as the earlier guideline I wrote about earlier in this post. ( ): this is another alibaba group business and it is the most popular global consumer marketplace in the world more popular than any other consumer market place in the world be it Amazon or eBay. It was launched in april 2010. It is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. The platform enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers in china and have access to a wide variety of products at competitive prices.

It is my goto place whenever I wish to buy anything from china and it is one of the safest consumer market place so far due to the presence of Escrow which means that when you pay for a product on the website, the money is kept by a third party till the product is delivered to you and you received it in good condition and it is the website I will also recommend you do your shopping.

I will be using them as an example later in this post. ( this is the leading online wholesale marketplace in china and it was launched in 1999. ( )serves as a wholesale channel for merchant doing business on Alibaba groups retail marketplace to source product from domestic wholesalers. What this means is that it is the marketplace of merchant who sell on retail website like and this means if you shop on you will be able to get it cheaper than the price it is been sold on aliexpress and other retailers.

The site is a Chinese website but that is not an issue with shopping because you can easily translate the website to English with the latest Google chrome browser. So if you wish to shop on this platform make sure you have the latest Google chrome browser and immediately you visit the website it will automatically ask if you want to translate the website and then you go ahead and translate and shop conveniently.

Also another reason why this website has an advantage is because their currency is in yen which is the Chinese currency as against the us dollar on other website, the exchange rate for yen to naira is far cheaper than from dollar to naira, so you will be saving cost when shopping with this website. i buy most of what i import from china from it with the help of a sourcing agent. ( ) was launched in may 2003 and it is china largest online shopping destination like those we have in Nigeria such as,, etc. it is the online shopping destination of choice for Chinese consumers looking for wide selection, value and convenience though that doesn’t mean those in other country cant shop, in fact many foreigner in other countries shop conveniently on them. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of products which features hundreds of millions of product and service listings.

Taobao marketplace was china’s largest online shopping destination in terms of gross merchandise volume in 2014, according to iresearch. in addition the mobile taobao app was the NO. 1 e-commerce app in china as of the end of March 2015.

Since this website is a Chinese shopping portal it is natural for it to be in Chinese, but this shouldn’t be a problem because you can use the latest Google chrome browser that will translate the website automatically to English to shop conveniently of the site with ease. ( )was launched in 2008 and it is china’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers. It is dedicated to providing a premium shopping experience for increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailer have established storefront on

This means that if you are looking at buying directly from top Chinese brands and international brand, then your goto place should be

Same as other Chinese website, it is also written in Chinese and you will require the latest Google chrome browser in order to shop conveniently on it.

So now that you know the top Chinese portal to buy from let me take aliexpress as an example and show you exactly how to go about it from registering on the website to having your product down here in Nigeria.

So if we are to use Aliexpress as an example here is how to go about it,

Register with the website:   we first need to register with the website and we can do that by visiting clicking here and once we are on the page we need to click on REGISTER or JOIN and then we complete the registration form with the correct detail, after that we will be ask to login to the email we use to register to click on the confirmation link sent there to verify the account.

Once you go to your email and click on the link there then you are ready to start shopping nonstop.

Browse through the categories: so now it’s time to go for what you wishes to buy or you can simply browse through the categories to look for new ideas in the case where you have none. On Aliexpress there are about 13 major categories with each category having its own sub categories you can choose from and explore for new ideas. See below all the major categories …


So you go through each categories and sub categories to search for new ideas if you don’t already have one. But in the case you already know what you are looking for say spy camera you simply need to go to the top of the page, look for the search box and type in whatever phrase you are searching for and the page will come up with results of all the listing on the website that contain such product. See image below


Take note of the filter options such as the free shipping, top rated, 1 piece only, % sale item and seller online. If you click on free shipping, only sellers that offer free shipping of the product you are looking for will be shown to you, others will be filtered out, same as when you click on top rated, only top rated sellers will appear, those who are not top rated will be filtered out likewise for % sale item only sellers that are presently offering promo discount product will be shown to you while others will be filtered out and lastly the seller online will only show you only sellers that are online at the moment you are on the website

So here is what you do, do not go for the free shipping because it will take a long time before you will receive the product because they use regular post office like the one you have in Nigeria, so you should understand better. Check out the products and look for those with good rating especially the top rated seller and have sold more quantity of that product with excellent review not below 95% and also have a competitive price in relation to other who are selling the same product. If necessary compare the prices of each seller and then proceed to contact them to ask questions especially for those that are online or you can leave a message for those who are not.


Check out the product details and specification: so when you have gotten a a product following the criteria above then it is time to click on the product and check out the specification, details and review to see if it matches your expectation, let us take the second listing on the search above for example


When you check out the product detail as seen below then you can then add to your wish list before adding to the cart so you receive updates about the product in your email especially regarding discount and offers. Also click on feedback as shown below and check the feedback left by previous buyers to see what they are saying about the product and how they rate the product on a scale of 1-5. This will really help you know what to expect if you buy the product.


Add product to shopping cart: if you haven’t already added the product to the shopping cart un till now then you can go ahead and click on add to cart, adding to the car means adding to the list of product you are interested in buying or let me simply say just like when you go to the supermarket and then you pick product you wishes to buy into a basket, that basket is what is called cart online. So now you understand right. So you go to the next step. See image in image above the one above title number 5.

Contact merchant: now you are very sure that the product is what it say it is and you are interested in buying, the you will have to contact the buyer, you can use the chat button if the buyer is online or you can send him a direct message if he is not. The chat button is usually on the order page while the message button is usually at the right side of the page, you will see a yellow envelop there, click on it to contact the buyer directly. So when you have contacted the buyer you can asking a lot of questions you wishes to including negotiating the price of the product with him especially when you are buying in bulk, so below are some questions to ask him, thou you can add more to it if you wish.

  • Is this product still available for purchase?
  • Do you ship this product to Nigeria; if not can I use a middle man?
  • Can I get some discount on this product?
  • Do you have escrow for this product, if yes how do I use it?
  • What payment method does this product offer?
  • How long will it take to get this product if I ordered for it?
  • What shipping method do you have

And some other question you might want to ask, please take note that it is important for you to as many questions as you can especially the once I listed above, reason been that there are sometimes seller will forget to remove product they are no more selling or out of stock and you go ahead and place order only to be disappointed.

And also take note that when you message a merchant and such merchant doesn’t respond in 48 hours on a working day then you are advice to look for another merchant because if they cannot respond to your message within this time frame, what is the guarantee that they will respond to your order when you place it. So communication is important and it can go far as getting you a good bargain with the merchant if you master the bargaining skill.


Checkout: Checkout: now that you have contacted the merchant and you both have reached an agreement, you can now go ahead and place your order, checking out means been taken to the page where you can make payment for the order you placed. At this point you will usually be taken to the page where you will provide your payment information such as payment method and details, say you selected credit card, you will be asked to provide your credit card details here so the amount of the order can be deducted from it so your purchase can be successful. At this point, make sure you provide the correct details and be sure that your credit card details match the one that you used when registering on your online shopping portal if not your payment might not be successful.

Specify Your Delivery Method: so after payment you can then specify your delivery method to the merchant, whether you want them to ship via post office, courier of your choice or if you want them to send to a proxy or third party logistic address in china who will do the shipping for you, thou this does not actually come after placing your order, you can communicate it with the merchant during or even before placing your order.

The best shipping method I have used so far is the use of third party logistic shipping, my present third party logistic and shipper are RITJOSE LOGISTIC for my china shipping and SHOPTOMYDOOR for my united state or united kingdom shipping and both have been very good so far.

So in the case of this china shipping we will be using RITJOSE LOGISTICS and you can see their details in the image below


So to use their service simply contact them via whatsapp or you can call them if calling is your thing but I prefer using whatsapp and it is what I use most of the time. So what you will do now is to give the aliexpress merchant their (RITJOSE) china address and instruct them to send the parcel to the address with your name, phone number, weight of the product on it, please note that it is important for your name and phone number to be on the package because that is the only way they can know it is for you and also to track it when it get to their Nigeria office. Once the package arrive their Nigeria office they will call you to come for it. Below is there present Chinese address, but don’t forget to ask them to give you the Chinese address just in case this one has changed.


There are also other third party logistic you can use but RITJOSE is the one I use after I have tried the others and they fall below my expectation, I use RITJOSE and I am still using them up till the time of writing this post, I will list some of them at the end of this post.

Select payment method: now that the seller have know how you want the product sent to you and you have checkout and is now on the payment page, you will be giving the choice to select your payment method, depending on your country there are certain payment method that will be very convenient for you, as for Nigerian it is the credit card option that are most favorable, so in this case it is what you will select in your payment method. When you select your payment method and then you enter your credit card detail, make sure the detail is correct and matches with the detail you use to open the aliexpress account to avoid unsuccessful payment you can then go ahead and pay for the order

Pay for order: so now you have selected your payment method, it is now time for you to pay for your order, once you are sure everything is right then you can go ahead and pay for the order. Don’t forget once you bargain for the product and the buyer agreed to reduce the price for you, make sure the price has been adjusted before you click on pay for order.

That’s it, above example is a typical way you can buy with any online portal, be its in the united state, united kingdom likewise those in china. So you can use this step to buy from alibaba, taobao,1688,tmall etc, just make sure you play around the website and get familiar with the website before trying to buy on it.


Some other logistic companies available

  1. Company Name: NonnyKings Logistics


Chinese Address: See Picture Below

Chinese Phone No: +8615813302441 Or +8613128691487

Nigerian Phone No: +2348066748474

Whatsapp: Yes (+8615813302441)


Shipping Method: $Waybill from China-TO-Nigeria PER KG + #Cost of Custom Clearance per 1kg === Duration of days

Express: $8/KG + #450/KG === 1DAYs

Normal: $4.7/KG + #280/KG === 7Days

Sea: $120 / CBM + #25,000/CBM === 30-35Days


Company Name: St. Patrick International Logistics


Chinese Address: See Picture above

Chinese Phone No: +8615920468789

Nigerian Phone No: 08101951252, 08129979300

Nigerian Address: Call to verify


Express: $9/KG + #450/KG === 1DAYs

Normal: $4.7/KG + #300/KG ===7Days (Items without batteries)

Normal: $5.5/KG + #300/KG === 7Days (Items with batteries e.g. phone, tablet)

Sea: $120 / CBM + #25,000/CBM === 45days

Company Name: Nze 1 Logistics


Chinese Address: **See Picture above**

Chinese Phone No: see picture

Nigerian Phone No: 08036784869

Nigerian Address: Call this no:


Express: $8/KG + #480/KG === 2DAYs. ( Laptops can be sent via express )

Normal: $4.5/KG + #380/KG === 6Days


So this are some of the other logistic that can also help you ship your parcel from china to Nigeria, but like I said RITJOSE LOGISTIC is what I use and still using because they are reliable and fast too and also have good customer relation.

So now that you have learned how to become an importer, what about learning some logistic terms too, so below I will give you some explanation of logistic terms.


Explanation of logistics terms

  1. Way Bill: this is known as the Cost of transporting goods from one location to another. For example

-If the cost of transporting flour from China to Nigeria is 8$. We can safely say waybill from china to Nigeria is $8.

-If cost of transporting goods from Lagos to Abuja is #2000 We can safely say waybill for Lagos to Abuja is #2000

  1. Freight: this means Transport. We have Air Freight ( also known as shipping by plane ) , Sea Freight ( also known as shipping by sea)
  2. Demurrage: this is the money paid to freight companies for storing goods not picked at a standard date. For example if your goods arrived Nigeria today and you didn’t pick it latest 2 days(can be less with some company) from that day you will pay demurrage.


So let me also teach you the method you can use to calculate your shipping charges so the company do not play a fast one on you, thou am not saying they are not honest,they are but you have to know how to do your own calculation too


Method of calculating money to pay to your logistic company.

For example If your goods weigh let say 3.5kg. and cost of express freight. $8/kg + #450/kg.

Waybill china-to-Nigeria: $8 x 3.5= $24 x 205(assumed exchange rate)= #4920

Custom-clearance: #450 x 3.5= #1575

Total amount to be paid for 3.5kg will be 4920+1575 = #6495

The same procedure applies to Normal and Express method of shipping, even goods weighing less than 1kg.

Now you have learnt a lot so far and you are ready to kick start your importation business but don’t do that yet, you need to have a marketing plan before you even think of importing from china. So how do you promote your imported product?

There are many ways you can promote your imported product eg via social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram. You can also do it via forums, classified sites, word of mouth, offline method, eCommerce website etc


This post will not be enough for you if you are very serious about starting a full time mini importation business like myself, so i have personally taken the time to consider those who have been requesting for mentorship training where i not only teach you how to import and sell your imported item stress free


Thanks for reading this blog post, please kindly comment if you appreciate this or to ask your questions, I will gladly reply them one after the other.

Read part two of this post here Marketing Your Imported Product And Getting Product Ideas


    • Hello mr gbenga i am very happy that you love the post and also glad that you have taken the time to post a comment, please be informed that you can ask as many questions as you like on this post and i will answer them all as soon as possible so instead of giving you my whatsapp i will rather say you drop whatever you wanted to discuss here so other blog readers will learn from it.


    • Hello mr michael, thanks for the comment, the charges depends on the weight and size of the shipment, so the best answer to give you is for you to go to their website and generate a shipping quote, they have an application that does that on their website, you will find it very helpful.


  1. Mr Olu, thanks for this kind of classic information. Olu, as i tried implementing some of the information you posted here i find out that some information was not complete and am very happy that you will post it as comment here. Mr Olu, please how can i buy from, since i cant pay in their site with my nigeria credit card? Please i will be happy if you answer, because this will benefit me and other nigerians who read your blogpost. Thanks.

    • Hello Mr precious, it is not that the post is not complete, it is very complete because I gave the general guideline on how to buy from any portal and I also gave a brief explanation on 1688 and how you can easily navigate the website. I asked you to use the latest google chrome browser which will automatically translate the site to english, if you do that then you will easily be able to work with the site. Just as you know 1688 is mainly for the chinese, so foreigner will have problem using the website so. You will require an agent to make the payment for you after you must have gotten the link of the product you wanted to buy on the website you then send same to the agent,they will help you communicate with the merchant and also inspect the goods for fault and make payment for you, you can pay them with credit card. here is one of such agent register on their website and read their FAQ so you understand them better. Also my 1 months mentorship for just 10000 naira is open to you if you wish to learn, you will see the offer at the end of this post.

      • Mr Olu their service charge is high. they charge 10% of the fee you pay for the goods you buy.
        please is there any other cheaper services that can charge like 3%?
        Mr Olu, is this what you use?

        • Hello Mr precious, thanks for the comment, even so it is still better than the others in the sense that the site use a Chinese currency and not the dollars which is far lower in term of exchange rate, another one is and this once do accept PayPal payment and this means you can buy PayPal cheaper and use that to pay them..


          • Mr Olu, do you know that St. Patrick charges 4% to buy for you? and their shipping is almost the same as baze1.
            dont you think st. patrick is better than freeshoppingchina?
            Mr Olu. whats the disadvantage about st. patricks?

          • hello Mr Precious, do st Patrick have a website and do they do inspection of the goods and chat with the seller on your behalf, let me know because i have not used st Patrick before and dont know their reliability.


          • Mr Olu, St. Patricks, does not have a website and am not sure they do any inspection but they communicate with sellers.

          • Hello Mr Precious, thanks for the comment. communicating with the seller is not a big deal, you will want the goods inspected properly too if not you cant know when they sell you fake product, freeshoppingchina, inspect and make sure the goods is of good quality and communicate same to you and also give you tracking number, their charges depends on how you are buying, they have a fairer charges for wholesale buyers.


          • Mr Olu, do you know that St. Patrick charges 4% to buy for you?
            and their shipping free is almost the same as baze1.
            so Mr Olu, whats the disadvantage of using St. Patrick?
            and Olu, can you tell us how to go about this freeshoppingchina? the site looks complicated…..

          • St Patricks Logistics is a scam!!! I repeat, St Patricks Logistics is a scam. Do business with them at your own risk. My Goods Just Vanished Into Thin Air and what is even more surprising is the entire staff of st patricks staff stop communicating the moment they realise its me. I wish I can lay my hands on one of them. I need to deal with them.

    • Hello Mr Chuckwumzie Emmanuel, ofcouse you can hit the ground running after reading this post as well if you needed a 30 days online mentorship too , you can register for it for just 10000 naira only. And you will get 30 days online mentorship on this topic from me aand a lifetime support. Thanks once again for reading this post, I do hope you will checkout other posts on the blog too.


    • Hello Mr Akanbi Kayode, thanks for the comment, I think stanbic does untill recently when they changed the rate and mind you I just use that rate as an illustration for better understanding and explanation.


  2. Dear Mr Olujimi,

    I hope you realize that you have done wonderfully well with the way you illustrated the Mini Importation information on your blog. God will really bless you, because you gave it all out here what other seek mone3y for to release.
    Really appreciated the time and effort to come up with what presented here….

    Thanks you

    • Hello Mr Lawrence, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and also I am very glad you appreciated the post, I do hope you will checkout other post on the blogs that interest you.


  3. oga jimi thank you for opening our eyes with your importation guide without collecting a dime.the lord shall bless you in hundred fold amen,pls how can one bergain with some of this sites with china language .thanks

    • Hello Mr Ndu Clement thank you for the appreciation and comment, as you can see some of the site is in Chinese, even if you successfully translate the website to English, you will still have difficulty registering and interacting with the merchants because they are mostly Chinese merchant and some may not understand English at all. so you will need a middle man to do all all the buying fna communicating and also goods inspection for you and that is where freeshoppingchina comes in to the picture.


  4. Olujimi thanks for the information you have dropped.
    i got a question to ask.
    i wanna say if you wanna do good, finish the good deed.
    why cant you give us all the content you got in your mentorship offer here for free?
    must you charge us before you teach us the main thing?
    thanks, i need you reply.

    • Hello Mr Vincent, thanks for the comment, information is power they say and that is. Why you see people all over the place going into information marketing just to get money from others but that same information I have shared it for free here on my blog but I wanted only serious people who know the value of information and that is the reason you need to go the extra mile to pay to get some information. More so some of this information are something I paid a lot of thousands to learn and I don’t think it is unfair to put a price tag on some specific information in this case. Anyone who is very serious about information will go the extramile to get it and not expect to get everything for free.

      Moreso running this blog do cost me money and if I do not charge for some services then I will be running at a loss and in no time the blog will have to stop, but when readers go the extramile to get the needed information they can be paying for the maintainance and effort of the owner this way.


    • Free stuffs is not taken seriously. He has done his best by opening your eyes to what lies in mini importation. You have to go deep if you are convinced there is a goldmine in the importation business. Thanks!

  5. Olujimi Metilelu hmmmmm am not supprise that you can humbly and answer this comment and still give the folks that post it respect. Nice blog i will buy your product.

  6. Mr. Olujimi u are a perfect man, u av done a good job, not only on this post but all ur post here.. May almighty God reward u for what u av done….. I never comment ooo, still reserve my comment…..

    • Hello Mr Dayo, thank you for taaking the time to leave a comment, I so much appreciate. You will get more than an ebook, I will add you to the secret mentoship group where I teach everyting, you will get my direct email, bbm, whtsapp to reach me anytime, as well as variouus reading materials that covers this topic .


  7. Let me first say a big thank you for the wonderful info.
    My question us :
    Aliexpress is adding shipping cost to the good cost when I want to checkout . but since am using third party shipping service , how will I make aliexpress to only charge the cost of the goods only ?

    • Hello Mr Mumin Bankole, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Back to your question you are suposed to first contact your seller and agree on the price and ask if there is any need for shipping and if he said he would sheep to your agent for a litle fee or for free then checkout but don’t pay and you tell him (the seller) to modify the shipping cost and make sure he has modified it before paying. And the way I look at your question, its like you don’t contact the buyer before placing order, that’s very bad. You should always contact the seller first.


    • hello mr Mumin Bankole, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the post. if you cant translate than you will need to install the google translate extension to your chrome, to do this go to settings and then extension and then search for google translate and install it. get back when you do it successfully.


  8. Interesting! Fascinating! Quality! Belongings! Legendary! Fantastic! Incredible! Simply all the wonderful words apply to this material! Thanks from the bottom of my heart and soul as well as I will certainly come see once more if you keep up the good work!

  9. I still have some issues.
    1. After selecting my items, how will the seller adjust the price to reflect what we bargained on.
    2. In the case of shipping. How will the product get to the logistics company, then to Nigeria and possible to any other state in the country. To pay for the shipping directly on aliexpress to bring the product to Nigeria than to use the logistics company, which one is cheaper.
    For example, I order a laptop, send it to the logistic’s company address in China and they send it to Nigeria and then to any other state in Nigeria let’s say Akwa Ibom in my own case.
    Like ALIEXPRESS==>CHINA===>NIGERIA===>AKWA IBOM. How will the charges be because I was trying to change my location in my account but I only saw Hong Kong. There’s no China there.
    Things still seem confusing. Please try and explain more.

    • hello Mr Bassey, in response to your first question, when you chat or message the seller and you both agreed on a price, he will adjust the price to what you both agreed on from his end. and the second question when you give the seller the logistic company Chinese address the seller will send it their by express or take it to them and the shipper upon receiving will ship it to Nigeria and when it arrive Nigeria, they will send you a text message telling you that you have a package with them also stating how much you will pay and that you should come to their office to pick it up, if you cant go to their office then you will call them and ask them to help send it to your city via transport and they will give you the cost to pay for that too and when you pay they will send it to your city.forget about the option on aliexpress, give the seller address via the message box, they will send to anywhere you ask them. please read the post over and over, its like you are a novice to this. read well before you do anything.


      • You’re saying I should forget about the options on aliexpress. Because on my understanding, the only two options available is either free shipping or paid shipping. How will I get the seller to ship the item to the logistic company in China without paying for the cost of shipping there.

        • Hello Prince Bassey, don’t forget aliexpress is just a meeting point for seller and buyers, the options on the website doesn’t matter, it is the understanding between you and the seller that matters. If you and the seller agree on a price and you tell him you want the product sent to your logistic company, if he will charge you he will tell u and if not he would but always tell him since it china he should be able to send free and most time they will send it free to your logistic company china adress. What you select on the website doesn’t matter. The seller can adjust the price to the agreed price and you don’t need to pay for shipping. So when the product get sent to the logistic company the company will send it to their own nigeria office and then send you a message of the amount to pay.

          The point is to buy from aliexpress and not to ship with aliexpress, this is two part. Buying and shipping. You buy from aliexpress and ship it with your desired shipper by giving the seller the shipper adress and you pay the shipper here in nigeria.

          In this case aliexpress have no business with your shipping , same as your seller. You are indirectly doing the shipping yourself through an agent.


    • hello Mr bassey, using aliexpress free shipping is same as asking them to send your product via post office which is not safer and you might never get to receive your product or can take up to 2 to 3 month to arrive the post office or can even be stolen by the post office workers. so never go for free shipping to Nigeria but they can free-ship to your logistic company in china.

  10. Jimi, get a better way like top IMers like Ben Settle, Ronald among others, to convert info to kudi. Remember I advised you on an earlier post the other day.
    I like your spirit but you are leaving lot of kudi on the desk. Smart netpreneur get it done the smart ways.
    Enjoy the trip yet don’t slack

  11. am now able to translate the site , but the only issue am having now is the searching issue, I did search but it won’t bring what i search for since its chines and am searching English words

  12. I did successfully translate the site , but am having problem searching for goods on the site, because the search bar want be to search with chines words not English .
    So i went to google to first translate what i want to search for into chines then copy and search the site, is there any easier way ?

  13. Thanks i have been able to translate the site now but: have you been able to do searching on the site since the search bar is in chines
    2.I notice huge margin in the price of the goods on aliexpress and 1688 , is drop shipping possible with these 2 sites, if yes , can you write about how to manage shipping to anywhere across the globe ?
    Thanks bro

    • Hello Mr Mumin Bankole,thanks for taking the time to leave a response to your first question, you will need to translate your search term to chinese first before using on the site. 2. I think drop shipping will be possible but remember aliexpress is a chinsese based website, so you will have to be in china to be able to sell efficiently on it thou I haven’t tried it but mostly all d sellers on aliespress also have stores on 1688.


  14. I bought some goods from through third party and I gave them the quotation , d logistic company gave me a quotation of 1 yuan as 39 instead of 33 naira, I asked him and he told me dat online figures is different from real transactions, I opted for normal shipping but am yet to receive any information for the past six days. I want to know if the logistics company can negotiate for reduction in price on our behalf and two how long does it take to reach Nigeria through normal shipping.

    • Hello Mr Jonathan, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog, in response to your question, its possible for the online and real exchange rate to be different and it may be that the agent added their own commision to it which some do. And as for price you can ask the agent to negotiate the price for you but trusting them not to want to make some profit is not something you can control. So always browse througn the site after translating to english to know the price yourself and see if there will be possibility of discount, but you can get discount in most cases where you buy bulky for the time it takes your goods to reach nigeria, that depends on the shipping company you are using so I can’t say how long but normal shipping shoul be betweek 4 day and 2 weeks and some can be 3 weeks thou depending on the company


  15. I just want to say thank you for the detailed information, God bless you richly for your kind heart. Will definitely be telling people who need this to check your blog. Well done.

  16. God bless you, sir, please how can i know d exchange rate of my bank UBA at any moment, without contacting d bank.
    please sir, can i pay through VISA card without Alipay account?

    • Hello nelson, thanks for the comment. as regards the exchange rate, i think you will need to call the customer support or you send them an email or Facebook or twitter them to inquire. yes you can use your visa card without alipay, alipay is a processor app on its own, not needed.


  17. Good day Jimmy,
    Please can you assist with the payment /shipping for goods on 1688 or do you know reliable company that can be used, such that the product will be sent directly to mukabox instead of bringing it to portharcourt first.


    • Hello Olanrewaju, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the post. sorry i cant assist you but i will rather advice you to shop conviniently on aliexpress rather than 1688 because its hard to detect substandard product since you cant chat them up directly to ask questions and the language barrier. but if you insist i will recommend that you use st patrick logistic, their contact details is on this blog post. you can pay through them as well as ship through them if you wish to. regarding sending the product. st patrick will first sen the product to their office in Nigeria and you will be alerted when it arrives. and asked to pay for shipping and clearing which you can pay into their bank account or take to them in cash. so once they notify you. you can pay all money required to their bank acc and then you will notify to help you pick up the product at their office. will pick up your product from their office in 24 to 48 hours for a fee of 1000 naira and stock it in their warehouse.

      hope you understood me


  18. Hi olujimi
    Dont you think buying from will be cheaper since they exchange in Y. Aliexpress exchange in S which is way more expensive. What do you think?

    • hello Godswill, thank you for taking the time to comment on the blogpost, yes is cheaper but in term of communication and payment flexibility i will prefer alibaba and aliexpress to 1688 and even when it comes to product quality.. even thou most sellers on 1688 have a store on aliexpress but communication and payment flexibility is an issue. i will prefer site i can conveniently shop myself and get what i want than when others shop for me.


  19. hello olujimi,
    u meantioned that you can help set up my store on the e commerce sites(konga,Jumia),and product photography,is this all contained in the 10k subscription package:
    with payment on delivery,how can u assist a merchant based outside Lagos to handle remittance of payments for goods sold.
    Also let me have details of how to make the payment for the subscription.

    • Hello Ola, thanks for the comment on the post. Yes I can help you and guide you in setting up your jumia and konga store, as per the photography I am not in charge of that but depending on the number of picture I can get you someone to do it at a minimal cost.

      As per the pay on delivery, if it is jumia and konga that does that for you then they will remit the money and pay to your account after a week, I mean you get weekly payment as you make sales. But if you sell directly from your site you will be introduced to company that will do the pay on delivery for you as well as remit your money with issue

      To make payment pay into gtb olujimi metilelu 0121882504 and after payment email me your payment details @


  20. GOod day olujimi,
    Thanks for this eye opening post;
    My major challenge is with uploading my photos on konga; av registered as a merchant but each time I try to upload photo on shq,am notified that I must resize the image.
    Please can you assist with this challenge or link me with someone who can.

  21. Good evening,
    Which bank card has the cheapest rates for making payments for importation online; a friend of mine said he was charged 336/dollar for purchase made yesterday on alien press on skye bank Mastercard ; at this dollar critical time, which bank would you recommend based on your experience.

    • Hello Ola, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the post. At the moment stanbic bank has the best rate which is 280/$ so you can try them or you even call their customer care line to inquire, they will tell you.


  22. Thanks for this great info. My questions are 1) if I want to shop on, how can I pay with Chinese yen. 2)If I use middlemen, won’t they charge me in dollars at black market rate or do they accept yen equivalents to naira 3) what mode of payment can I use to pay on 1688?

    • @chinelo, thanks for the comment 1. to pay with Chinese yen you will need to still pay with a credit card which will covert via naira to yen but i doubt if nigerian card will work on the site. another way is to pay with paypal which will be from dollar to yen or you can just use agent to pay.2. if you use middlemen they will charge you in dollar except the yen is readily available in the nigerian market which is not yet. 3. you can only pay with an agent for the main time.

      you can chat with the seller and ask them if they have an aliexpress store which most do have and you can do business from there but i will advice you buy from alibaba instead. you can get very substandard item sometime on 1688 so its rather to buy what you know everything about.


  23. I am wowed by the level of honesty and detail shown in this post.
    I have been into min importation and online sales and I must confess that Mr. Olujimi Metilulu has not left any stone unturned in this post.
    I contacted him and He has also helped me many times in the business. I must confess, he is simple, calm, humble, understanding, knowledgable and smart.
    I will keep working with you.
    May Almighty God bless you exceedingly.

  24. This is the first I stumbled on this blog and this is one of the most valuable posts I have ever read. Even though I am also into mini importation, I have learn a lot of things in this post. God bless you.

  25. regarding the payment aspect,you said we can pay via Nigeria PayPal, buh I heard that Nigeria PayPal can only receive buh can’t send with true is that pls ??

    • @ebenezer, maybe you mean to say can only send but cant receive. here is how i do it, i get a dollar mastercard for my domiciliary account from stanbic bank and then i link the dorm account to mky nigeria paypal and then i fund the account by buying from bureau de change and deposit it at the bank abd then i can shop with my naija paypal without stress

  26. Enter Your Comment…
    I have been doing Mini Importation from my bedroom since some fee years ago…..
    but I was surprised I still lean quite alot of very vital info from you…
    I very much appreciate your detail explanations. I certainly will get in touch with you for more.

  27. Wow! Thank you sir. This kind of post is what some people will make into an ebook and start selling for 20k. Please you made mention of 10k for the mentorship and 14k somewhere else. What’s the difference? I would like to join your mentorship.
    I messaged a seller on aliexpress asking to remove the labels on her products before shipping and she said it’s only possible if I pay her outside aliexpress (using paypal or westernunion) so that she can personally send me label-free products because all her products from the aliexpress warehouse must have the logo. Does that mean she’s unreliable? Because from this post, i understand there’s nothing like warehouse, just a platform for buyers/sellers.

  28. Thank you Mr. Olu for sharing this information for free, it was indeed very helpful God bless you. please I would like to know if Baze 1 logistic company is still your third party shipping company, because I read that you recommended St. Patrick to Mr. Olanrewaju or do you use both of them.

  29. honestly i really apprecite ur kind info,u r such a nice person sir pls help me wt ur watsapp no so dat i can b reaching u any moment pls. how can i join sis forum easily? r u on facbook i like to b ur frend on facebook pls thanks and i will also like to have
    som discussions wt u privately pls.Thanks sir..

  30. Hello Sir, just came across your blog and I can say you’ve done a wonderful job explaining the basics of mini importation. Please does Baze1 offer procurement service in addition to shipping and what’s their rate? Thanks.

  31. This is an eye opener I must say, great job donext
    But I will like to knw more about mini importation
    Will be glad if you can assist

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