Marketing Your Imported Product And Getting Product Ideas (Mini importation business part 2)

I know you all enjoyed the part 1 of the mini importation business post I wrote some time ago. I have decided to write more on this topic to further give you an in-depth understanding of the market and that is where marketing your imported product comes in.

Marketing your imported product
Now you have learned from the previous post how you can start your own mini importation business from scratch right from the comfort of your living room, but even so after importing this product you will be faced with the problem of actually selling them which is even more important than buying the product in the first place.

As far as I am concerned, Marketing your imported product should be the first thought you should have before you even think of trying to import. So I will always advice that you always have a marketing plan in place before you go into mini importation business because this will go a long way in making the business to be successful. It does not make any sense to import product and after receiving it be faced with the problem of how to sell the products, so this is why having a marketing plan in place is more important than actually importing the product you want to sell.
So now I will take you through some ways in which you can put in place and ways you can use to sell your imported items.
To me there are so many ways I use to sell my imported products but I will list some of them for you

Word Of Mouth Method: this method of Marketing your imported product is a very crude method and it is also very powerful, because you can sell your product instantly via this method. In using this method you should first look for a pressing problem people around you are facing, or something that can help them lessen the stress. Then you will go online to your shopping product and look for product that will best fit into the problem solving category or help reduce stress, save time or then import a product that will put this in check and recommend to them.

Social Media Method: this method Marketing your imported product is also one of the best methods and it does not require much work. With this method you will typically be marketing your product on the major social media network the proper way. I see a lot of people posting buy this buy that everywhere and I just shake my head that is very wrong. You cannot just buy any product and then start pitching it to anybody you see online, its not down like that, even if you manage to make some sales it wouldn’t be as when you do it the right way.

To use this method, you will also have to look for a target product and as well as a targeted set of people. What I mean by this is that you need to have a target set of people you know will have interest in certain type of product, and when you locate this category of people, you look for products that will best meet their needs. When you have a target set of people and you have a product that will best meet their needs then you can you can get some samples of this products and when you do first get their opinion of particular topic and see how they reach to it then if the response is positive then you can know the best product for them

Forum Posting Methods: This method of marketing your imported product have to deal with forums, you will be required to register on the major forums in the country such as nairaland. After registration you will have to participate in discussions in the forum for a period of like 3 weeks so you will be allowed to post on the forum and also create comment.

When you can create thread and comment on thread, you will then need for a common problem or something of value people will pay to get, then you can get then product samples and then when you have this product, you will go to the forum and look for thread where you know the discussion is related to the product you are selling or where the category of people that this product you ordered for are gathered and then you can comment on thread to recommend your product or you can add your product to your signature and then you contribute to the discussions and then ask them to check out your signature for a solution or for a product that attend to their needs.

Classified Site Methods: this method of Marketing your imported product will involve you placing your products on the major classified sites in the country. This method have some quality traffic and can land you many sales if done the right way to market with this method you will need to register on the major classifieds site in Nigeria such as,,, etc and then you list your product on them, with this method you can sell virtually any hot product you know is in demand.
When marketing with the method you cannot just go there and list the product just like that, you need to make sure you list it the right way, because if you just list it just like that you might not land any sales for a long time even if people view the product.

Flier And Poster Method: you can use this method if the product you are selling are uncommon product, that is product that is not commonly seen in the country. You can create fliers and posters enlightening people on the importance of the product and what it does as well as features and then you also include your contact details on it so they can contact you when they need. You can share the fliers where people usually frequent such as churches, mosque, universities, polytechnic, banks, government secretariat and organizations etc. example is the car tracker, you can create fliers for it and share it to car owners or you drop it in or on their cars.

Mobile Marketing Method: This method of Marketing your imported product involves the use of sms to promote your imported product. This method is a very effective one and can land you into boat load of sales if done the right way, when I say the right way I don’t mean that you should start spamming them, if you do this they will likely delete the message upon sensing that it is a promotional message.

eCommerce Method: Marketing your imported product via ecommerce website is one of the best way you can sell your product fast especially when it’s a free listing ecommerce sites. This website usually have a lot of traffic such that you will not be required to spend a dime to promote your product if don the right way.

There are many ecommerce website in the country today and you can sell your product on almost all of them for free except that they will charge a commission anytime you make sales and most of them will even offer to ship the product for you free, at the expense of the customer or at their own expense.

The major ecommerce in the country today are

while you can register to be a merchant on this site, some of them are stricter in their operation and most operate strictly in Lagos and in a few other popular cities alone and you will be expected to be in this cities to be able to be a vendor on them. Like in the case of jumia they are previously only in Lagos and all person wanting to be a merchant with them is expected to be in Lagos or have someone in Lagos but they recently opened branches in some few major cities such as Ibadan port Harcourt and Kaduna. As for dealdey they are based in Lagos and are strictly for Lagos and as a merchant with them you will have to take your product to their warehouse and they will do the selling for you. konga and kaymu are not so strict as they allow you to send your product to your buyers yourself.

Registration as merchant on some of this website are easy while others are not as you will require to sign a contract and some will require to call you before you are approved as merchant.

To register as a merchant on konga you can go to
To register as a merchant on jumia you can go to this post
To register as a merchant on kaymu you can go to
to register as a merchant on dealdey you can go to but you will also be called before your account will be approved.

There are time when you want to sell on this major eCommerce like konga and jumia but your location is limiting you, there is nothing to worry about because I have gotten the solution to this and you can continue reading to know how you can do it.

How to sell on Konga and Jumia from anywhere in Nigeria

Like I said earlier there are some eCommerce website that are restricted to some cities in Nigeria, that is they are not in every city in Nigeria and so this will be a problem for those who wishes to sell with them because they are in most cases required to drop their product at the drop-off hub every time they have an order. eCommerce that does this is mainly and which are in fact the most popular eCommerce website in Nigeria. So it is understandable when every merchant want to make sure they have a store on this two Nigerian eCommerce giant.

Since you cannot sell with them efficiently if you are not physically in the cities where they are located which is mainly Lagos except you have someone in this cities who can do the printing and delivery for you, but if you do it this way you are most certainly going to incur more expense because doing business in Lagos is expensive. By the time you calculate the printing of invoices, transport to and from the hub and data or internet time for every order you have you will spend far too much cost than when a company do the work for you.

Yes I mean a company that will do all this for you at an affordable fee, a company that will help you warehouse all your product, print all your sales invoice, keep all your stocks and inventory, deliver all your order to the eCommerce drop-off as well help you receive all your returns without you having to do anything than pay a fee. A company like this is the dream of many importers who are outside the cities where this two major eCommerce operates.

Do company like this really exist?

Ofcourse I was also in your shoe, I think about the possibility of such company making things easier for importers, I did my research for weeks and I finally found one, visited their office, interviewed their staff and I was even opportune to take pictures which I will show you later in this post, and i also tried them myself and i find them very reliable.

Mukabox Nigeria is the name of this company and it is a Nigerian owned company, . The company is managed by Nigerian staffs and it is designed to help you solve your eCommerce delivery challenges, especially those faced by mini importers like yourself that impede you from expanding your business.

With this company all you have to do is to take your entire product to their warehouse, after you must have agreed on their term of service as well as agreed on their charges and structure. When you take your item to their warehouse and you follow all the required protocol such as paying for their eWarehousing service as well as funding your account for dropoff to any of either konga or jumia drop-off hub then your item will be picked up directly from your inventory in their warehouse and delivered to jumia or konga on your request from within your mukabox account by a centralized structured delivery system. They were able to achieve all this through partnership with reliable delivery companies in Nigeria even thou they also have their own delivery van to further make delivery efficient and fast.

The company website url is and they are by far very cheap in term of been economical and affordable. They offer the following services; Storage, order processing and delivery, Returns handling as well as Product photography and their charges just 2000 naira to warehouse all your product for a month, 4000 for 3 months and 7000 for 6 months .

How the website work

You contact them via their email or the number on the website telling them you want to use their service, when you do that they will instruct you to send them your personal detail so they register you to their registry. and then when that is done you will send them the list of your inventory for your ecomerce and the number of quantity you want to send to them via email. after that you can take it to their office or you send it via bus to iyana ipaja lagos and they will pick it up for you and stock in their warehouse.

once they have recieved the goods you will be notified, after which you will be required to pay for the cost of ewarehousing the product as well as deposit for dropping off your order

According to them, the diagram below show clearly how they operate

mukano steps




Take notes of the dashboard and you can play around it so you will be conversant with how the website work but even thou you can get to understand it on your own I will still take the time to explain some of the features in the dashboard, so read on.

: when you click on this, it will give you a list of the services the company offer as well as their price plan and also you can create your inventory you wished to send to the ware house in this section . what I mean by this is that let’s say you wanted them to help you to warehouse and dropoff the Gps car tracker you wishes to sell on konga and jumia, you can create inventory for that particular product here before you take it to their website


eWAREHOUSING PRICE-PLANS: on this page, you will be able to see the various price plan the company offer for their eWarehousing for you to choose from. Like I said earlier, they have the Basic plan for 1 month for 2000 naira, the medium plan of 3 months for 4000 Naira and the super plan of 6 month for 7000 naira. You can choose to go for any of this plan depending on your need. As for me I use their 6 month plan of 7000 naira which will save me a lot of cost assuming I go for basic plan and pay 2000 naira monthly, that will be a total of 12000 naira for 6 month but you can go for anyone of your choice.all you do is just to notify them and then send payment to their account.

TARIFFS: when you look at their tariff page you will see a list of all the tariff they offer, all of them is by far very affordable to the average mini importer. They list there service charges here as well as subscription charges and their remittance fee for those who use their pay on delivery service.

FAQs: the website also have their frequently asked question page where they discuss about most of the frequently asked question with their corresponding answer and here are some of them according to them.
How do I send my goods to your office?
When You can send your goods directly to us or request that we pick them up from any tranporter in Lagos at a fee of N1,000 depending on weight. Please contact us directly to arrange this .
What address do I use on Jumia and Konga?
Please use the address below so we can recieve your returns 12, Adeaga Street, Awori off Abule-Egba, Lagos state. Tel: 08093798637
What drop off point should I set up with Jumia?
Please use the drop off point located at Abule Egba. Note that that we may not drop-off your order if you select a drop-off centre other than ABULE-EGBA with Jumia
How do I subscribe to ewarehousing?
You need to subscribe to one of the Warehousing price-Plans to use our storage services.There are 4 periods of storage you can choose from; 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months and 12 months
How do I load my inventory?
You can only load your inventory after eWarehousing subscription. you simply send them a mail with the title INVENTORY and then you list all your inventory as it is on your ecomerce website and also attach the images to the email and send to them, they will comfirm and register it.
Which Marketplaces do you service?
We currently service Jumia and Konga but will add Kaymu and others soon
What are your prices?
Warehousing 1 Month – N2000Warehousing 3 Month – N4000 Warehousing 6 Month – N7000  12 months – 13000
What is the maximum number of items I can keep in your warehouse?
We offer safe warehousing of any number of items with a maximum gross weight of 50kg
Are my items insured?
All items are insured to their sale value. Our warehouse is secure and cctv controlled 24 hours a day.
I sell on jumia or konga marketplace, how do i get my items to them?
If you sell on jumia or konga marketplace, simply send a mail with the title SHIP ORDER to with your invoices and your item will be sent to them in 24 hours
Do you offer product photography for items under your inventory management?

We do not offer the service for now
How do i get the images?
All images we capture will be sent to your email provided in a secure folder or via dropbox
Prohibited items
We ship and warehouse pretty much anything that is legal. However we will not pick-up, deliver or warehouse the following
Live animals
Hard drugs
Perishable foodstuff (vegetables, tomato, raw meat etc.)
Hazardous materials (e.g. Explosives, radioactive substances, etc.)
Dangerous items (e.g. Guns, knives, etc.)
Stolen items
Banned items
Any item prohibited by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

So now that I have made you to be familiar with the website, how then will you be able to use them to process your jumia and konga orders?

How to process order with Mukabox
For those who are already a seller on jumia and konga, you know that whenever you get an order you are always expected to print the carrier document related to each of this order and then you will take the order along with the product ordered for to the drop off center where you will be given branded nylon to put the product into as well as the carrier labels. But for those who are not yet a seller anyway it is as I have just said, so when you get an order you will be required to print document which you will take to konga and jumia office, but since you are not the one doing the delivery you will have to save and download this document instead of printing it. Let me take an order on konga for example, I received this order and then I go to printer page where I will print the order as seen below

how to save carier invoice for mukabox selling on konga and jumia from anywhere in nigeria

When you are on the print page, you will have to locate the change option and then you click on it and locate the save as pdf as show below and then you save it to your system. Because you will need it to request mukabox to ship your order which I will show you as we move on.

saving invoice for konga and jumia dropoff with mukabox how to sell on konga and jumia from anywhere in Nigeria with mukabox

So once you have saved the required carrier documents on your system now you will need to login to mukabox so as to request they ship any product you have the order . Remember that you must have uploaded your inventory for all the product you are selling on the eCommerce and taken them to mukabox office after which they will confirm it and approve your inventory to what what they have with them.

So what you do is to simply send them a mail with the title as SHIP ORDER and then you attach the invoices for the order and then send to

You will do this for all the orders you have that day so they can ship them all. And also remember that they will not ship your order if you don’t send them a ship request like this which is how the company and this website work.

When send the document and order will be sent to them and they will receive it and then take the number of quantity of the product you request them to ship, package it with konga or jumia seal after printing the carrier invoice and then take it to the drop-off for you within 24 hours.

That is all about this company for now, if you need more information you can contact the with the following details

Address: 12, Adeaga Street, Awori off Abule-Egba, Lagos state.

Mobile: 08093798637


Whatsapp: 2347063667303(no call, whatsapp only please)

BBM: 334F1B09

And to further let you see the company in pictures to judge them anyway you can i am going to show you pictures i took while i went there to interview them and one of those pictures is the one i use at the begining of this post as well as the once below






This post will not be enough for you if you are very serious about starting a full time mini importation business like myself, so i have personally taken the time to consider those who have been requesting for mentorship training where i not only teach you how top import but also do the following;

  • Show you the main platform you should be importing from and how to do it successfully
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  • Give you my direct whatsapp number and email so you can have access to me 24/7
  • Help you in setting up your stores on major eCommerce platform like,,, dealdey etc
  • Teach you the best what to outshine your competitor both online and offline and sell more than them.
  • Teach you the same ninja tactic i use, that i call STYW and how it can generate you thousands of naira
  • give you free premium guide and videos on setting up ads for Facebook promotion
  • Teach you almost all the deadly marketing method you can use to sell your product within a blink
  • Teach you how to get check of thousands of naira from organization and company as an importer giving them benefits.
  • and lots more space will not permit me to mention

see some proof here to let you know I practice what I preach. If you get this premium membership you will easily be accessible to me 24/7 and I will be ready to answer all your questions on the group. the 2 months mentorship will cost you just 9999 Naira only and you can grab your
spot by emailing me at and i will lead you on how to register foir the mentorship.

See some eCommerce proof below.

konga sales proof

konga earning proof


And here is some jumia proof

jumia order proof

jumia sales

And lots more proof this page will not permit me to list. So this is the kind of result you should be expecting by been a member of my paid mentorship group and the price is 14,999 naira only.

Email me at if interested in joining the membership group and i will send you information on how you can enroll


so this is all for this post, don’t forget to leave a comment and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to leave a comment , i will try my best to reply you as soon as possible.

Hanent read the part one of this post then do so here Mini Importation Business- How To Start One


  1. Wow!!!!!
    I’m so happy seeing this post. I have been planning to sell things on Jumia and konga next year but this warehousing was my main problem. Now you have solved my problem.

    Thank you so much… I wish everyone will be open like you.

    • Hello Mr Alexander orah, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog post as well as for appreciating the post. i am also very happy that you are happy about the post. i do hope you take action on what you have learned from the post.


    • Thanks for generously and selflessly supplying this great moneymaking secrets free of charge.U are indeed first among ur equals in terms of mini importation coaching,unlike some self-acclaimed mini import gurus who sells mini information guides at exorbitant prices but yet not as comprehensive and self explanatory as your free guide.U are the real mini import professor n guru.May God embarrasingly bless ur hustles.Keep up d good work,bro.

  2. Nice writeup, may God bless you richly, pls concerning d photography you mentioned, is it compulsory mukabox do the photography or optional. Thanks and keep the good work up

    • Hello Ms Olaitan, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog post. Mukabox is a company on its own and they are not affiliated to any of the ecomerce. They offer their photography service for those who wishes to do photography for their product and not that it is compulsory. On jumia you require a professional white background photo , in the case where phost you use keep getting rejected then you can contact mukabox to help you make a professional photo shoot of your product. I hope you understood this.


    • Hello Mr Ejiga Godwin Jnr , thank you for takin
      g the time to leave a comment on the post, there is no photography inventory, what i mean in the post is that they can also help you take pictures of your products which you can use on eCommerce website because there is a standard picture size they accept , and if you dont meet their recommendation your product will not be approved until your picture meet the standard guideline. so this is where comes in, they can help you take professional photo for your product from their studio at a fee and you can use this picture for your eCommerce listing, it will be approved. as for the image its in the largest form


    • Hello Ms Olaitan, thanks for the comment, the 250 will be deducted before they deliver your product to the drop-off and not monthly, so that is why you need to deposit fund into your mukabox account to cover dropoff cost. they do not charge for returns. returns is free.


  3. Really great I am greatful for this information I will soon join you guy cos that want I wanted, thanks a million the Lord will continue to increase you in Jesus name

  4. Bro you just killed it with these post.but please does it mean that they’ll be charging the 250 processing for times the number of order you gat per day or is there discount regarding to the processing fee.

    • Hello Mr Nnajiofor, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the have to pay 250 for every order you want them to process for you, say for instance u get 10 orders in a day and you want them to process the 10 then the will deduct 10×250 from your balance which is 2500 to process 10 orders. Thou I don’t know if the will give discount for accumulation in future but at the moment this is how they operate.


    • Hello Mr Sam, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog, yes 250 per order. i understand you but it is far better than if you pay to print at 50 naira per page and you print 3 document per order and still pay for transport go and come to the drop off. even on jumia, they charge you shipping per product even if you buy the same product twice you will pay shipping twice. i think the analysis you made is not too much. its the best way around first i thought so too, but when i see how efficient the service is and the amount of money i am saving as against if i do the delivery myself i was like its cool.


  5. I really appreciate your post ; my major concern about mukabox and other such company is that of delivering your payment via Pay on delivery arrangements. How reliable are they.
    I would also like to participate in the mentorship program.
    Once again, thanks and God bless you.

    • Hello Mr Olanrewaju, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog post. is an ecomerce dropoff solution, which means they help you dropoff your product to jumia and konga dropoff hub as per your order, they do not come in contact with your customer in anyway. The ecommerce company is the once who handle your delivery. Mukabox as a company is just to help you take your product to the dropoff I don see where pay on delivery should be attributed to them. They also do pickup of your product from anywhere within lagos for a fee as well as from bus station in iyana ipaja for those outside lagos for a fee too.

      As far as mukabox is concerned they are very reliable and I myself have been using them for so long without issue.

      As regard the mentorship, it will cost you 10,000 naira and you can pay into gtb 0121882504 olujimi metilelu and send payment detail to after payment


  6. Thanks for the info. Please from the whole info, I was able to understand that I must register with Jumia and Konga before I can use mukabox. Or can mukabox register me with konga and jumia? Thanks

    • @chinelo not really but you can go ahead and have your jumia and konga store ready or you contact mukabox via whatsapp and talk to them , they can help you as regard opening the store as well.


  7. Thanks for the exposure. I am very much interested in your mentorship training. I am seriously interested in mini Importation. As soon as am ready i will get back to you. Thank you very much.

  8. Thanks for the knowledge share , pls what product did you bought for 100 dollar that made you over 600,000 in 3 month pls can you share the product?

  9. This is a fantastic blog @Olumiji Metilelu. I have been trying to access the Mukabox website and create an account but Unfortunately, it is inaccessible as it shows error whenever i try to access it. Please is there any other way i could register with them or any other company with the same services?
    Thanks .

  10. hello sir…,
    if I want to use mukabox, with either jumia or konga,,, would I put mukabox address and phone number in my jumia and konga account instead of mine…?

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