Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria-How To Setup And Operate One

poulty farming in nigeria

Poultry Farming Business-How To Setup And Operate One

According to a definition I got online, agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products and this rearing of animal include animal such as bird which is the purpose of this post.

After careful research and consultation with those who are in the business, I came up with a lot of information those intending to go into poultry farming will find very helpful as a starter and not some advance agricultural theory thou.

After researching for weeks I decided to contact a friend of mine who is into poultry farming and fishery and have him interviewed so I can share whatever information I can get from him with you my blog readers and so far I go a lot of information from him which I will share here in my own words as per his explanation.

Poultry farming has grown to become one of the most important aspects of agriculture in the country today and this is due to some reasons which I will list below.

  • It has grown to create business opportunity for entrepreneur
  • It is a source of employment for job seeker whom are everywhere in the nook and corners of the country.
  • Poultry farming is one business that can never dry up as long as the earth still exist
  • Poultry farming itself is a money spinner due to the income it generates for those in it

When we talk about the most portentous food in the world then there is no way we will not mention Chicken and its product EGG, almost everyone agree to this, we all need the protein derived from chicken to maintain an healthy living and generally it is believed that every child need an intake of not less than one egg a day for their normal growth while in the case of the adult as much as ten in a week will not be too much.

So far even if we decided to go the tribal or religious way no tribe, religion or any country forbids chicken meat. Everyone likes it, that’s why poultry products sell very fast and in high demand.

Apart from been used as foods, poultry farming is a very profitable business I would advice any able person to consider going into. As far as figures gotten through research are concerned a good poultry farmer earn on average a range of around 15 million naira yearly depending on the size of the farm. So all this benefits are also open to you if you start your own poultry business today.

So what are the types of chicken in poultry farming?

According to the information I got below are the types of chicken reared in poultry farming

  1. The pullets popularly known as Layers: Layers are reared for egg production and most lucrative but more stressing compare to the other once.
  2. The Broiler Chicken: Broilers are reared for meat production; The Broilers grows very faster and are ready for sale at 12 weeks from hatch.
  3. The third is the cockerel: This is also reared for meat production. . Cockerels grow slower and can take up to twenty four weeks before they are matured for marketing.

If we should consider the survival reliability then cockerels is far better and it can withstand bad weathers too. It is more resilient, and can absorb shocks far better than the layers and broilers.

When going into poultry farming business in nigeria, it is important that you have the right knowledge so as to be able to do the right things to get the right result. Hard work is one important thing to note and also prompt attention to details. Thou you don’t need to have millions before you start a poultry far but I will say it’s a bit capital intensive especially when you are starting as a medium scale, but if you are starting on a micro scale (Home back yard) where you have a small space at your back yard, it is not. I can say, starting small is the best way to enter and learn the business. If you wants to start on a higher scale, You need to prepare for this It’s all like trading money to make more money but be assured to get back whatever amount you invested in the business in multiple times within a short period of time.

There are cases where people have money to invest into the business but no time to do farm supervision; instead they get others to run the business on their behalf. Having money to set up the business is really not the issue, but the main issue is to have the knowledge of the business and that is what makes the business to be a success. If you are the kinds that have the money but not much time, ensure that the person you are giving to manage on your behalf have the knowledge to know what to do and the right time to do it. Be sure that he can be trusted; if you are not sure of the trust, please just keep your money in a fixed deposit account.

In the case of Nigeria, you cannot just venture into the business just like that, Nigeria is a far from developed country, in fact it’s very under developed so you need to seat back and do a proper calculation and planning: and make sure you have the idea of all the cost involved.

I will endeavor to give you the ideas of what are involved so you can build upon it, as well visitors and readers of this blog can add their own ideas and finding to compliment the write-up. So I hope to make this article as simple as possible. And as we keep adding updates it may end up becoming one stop destination on information about poultry farming in Nigeria!

As at the time of writing this report there seem to be no high poultry farm in Nigeria like the once you see overseas like in the USA and some other European countries. So due to this any investors who have the required capital to venture into it will have reasons to smile within a short period of time. Up Till the time of writing this post Nigeria still import chicken from overseas because the ones the local farmers produces are not enough to meet the demand of the over 180 Million citizens.

There is without doubt a huge market for poultry rearing in Nigeria but the main question is: Who will take advantage of the opportunity in this lucrative industry to create wealth rather everyone want to go into the oil and gas business.

Remember, the very successful and huge companies in the world also started from somewhere. Now, if you ready to get started in poultry farming, these are the basic requirements you will need to set up your farm.


first and foremost The main thing you need to put in place is a land. A plot of land of 120 x 60 square meters is okay for setting up medium scale poultry farm in Nigeria, at least for a start, but not necessarily that, you can also use a half plot of land if it’s what you can get. So Once you have a land that is big enough to set up your farm, almost half of your needs have been met. Land is the hardest and the most expensive part of poultry business in Nigeria most especially, places like Lagos, Abuja and some other big city like port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kaduna etc

You may not be allowed to carry out Poultry farming in populated environment or residents due to the smell that is associated with poultry rearing and the subsequent health impact, so my advice is that you look for land in a rural settlement or in farms. In places like this you will get land for far cheaper price, stays out of trouble and do your production there, while your products will be transported to the urban area when it’s time to market.

it is advisable to get your own poultry farm land and build a permanent farm on it instead of going for a leased land which is something very risky. When you go for leased land, the owner might decide to send you packing anytime and in poultry relocating always come with heavy cost.

Chicken Cage:

so now that we have talked about land it’s time to mention how we want to house the chickens. Housing the chicken is not as expensive as buying or acquiring a land. There are so many ways you can build the birds house but make sure that the sizes of the building is spacious enough for the chicken to run around freely.

The house should be constructed in such a way that it will be easier to control the ventilation and air movement. You can get a qualified engineer to do a designing and building for you if you are going for large scale construction. Else, you can just visit any good poultry farm to see how the house is constructed and you use it as a model to build yours.

When planning out your chicken house, always remember that space is very important. Don’t compromise on this to avoid frequent loss of your birds through suffocation and contamination.

Day Old Chicks

Now this is where the poultry business in Nigeria begins, you will need to look for chicken hatchery in your immediate surrounding or states and buy chicks from chicken hatchery that mainly deals with the supply of different species of day-old chickens. Buying from the hatchery is best because chicken hatchery usually produce good quantity of day old chicks through the use of incubators.

so if we should look at the price of getting the day old in Nigeria, it fall between the range of N120 – N250 but you can get it for less if you have a good bargaining skill and especially when you are buying larger quantity like say 500 chicks. You must buy your day-old-chicks from a healthy source. The productivity of your chicks depends on how healthy they are.

It is important that you do not buy any bird without first seeing the chickens. There are certain element trying to take advantage of those who have the money. Be wise with your money and pay only when the goods are supplied!

Raising hens from baby chicks requires you to constantly check on them during the first few weeks (Seven to nine weeks). It’s really fun to watch them turn from downy, fluffy little balls into feathered-out, gawky adolescent pullets. And also note that A chick does not have the ability to maintain its own body temperature without an external source of heat.

Below Are My Outlines Of Taking Care Of Chicks

After you must have gotten your chick, once those baby balls of fluff arrive home, make sure you already have everything ready for them to settle into their brooder and stay warm and happy. Plan to check on them at least five to six times a day during the first few weeks of life, and less after that.

it is also important that you monitor their temperature, keep them safe from pets, predators and over handling by children, keep their feed and water clean.

Make sure your baby chicks have everything they’ll need on the first day they arrive. And gradually As they continue to get older. You will use different feeders, but for the first week or two, plastic chick feeders like the ones you see above will make life a lot easier for you. Lighting must be available at all time in your poultry farm to keep the chickens warm, especially during raining season when the humidity is always at its lowest. Look for reliable source of power to supply for your hen’s house with heat and light.

Chicks love to stomp in their feed a lot, tip it over, and generally make a mess. Also they are not terribly smart and can eat quite a lot of shavings or bedding while they pick spilled feed off the floor of the poultry. These specific feeders are perfect. They’re at the right height when placed on the brooder floor.

Caring For Your Growing Chickens

After the baby chick stage passes, the chicks will now be young pullets and cockerels and, once they turn one year old, hens and roosters. Some basic daily chores involve keeping their food and water fresh and collecting eggs is the basis of ongoing chicken care, but you’ll want to make sure they’re protected from unwanted elements especially predators and staying healthy as well.

NOTE: Most times layers will start to lay eggs the moment they are 18 weeks old but some wait till they are up to 22 weeks old so no need to be panicky. Whichever way, Layer farming is considered the most lucrative of all poultry farming because two things can be achieved from them, laying eggs which can fetch you good cash in the market, and also equally sold for the meat.

A full crate of pullet eggs sells for around N600, and a crate of semi-pullet sells for N750 wholesale price. So lest assume your layers are large enough to produce 2,000 crates of large eggs monthly which sells for N750, you will be making at least N750 X 2,000 = N150,000 From eggs alone in a month!

Also the chickens are also another profit area! A fully fledge chicken sells for between N1, 400 and N2,500 at whole sale depending on the size and maturity level. Therefore, two thousand chickens will give you N1, 400 x 2,000 = N2,800,000!

so I don’t think you need to wait further before you start your own poultry business, Go ahead and give it a try – am very sure you’ll have reason to smile soonest!!!

NOTE: Drop your address and phone number and location or your website address below in the comment box if you are day-old-chicken supplier in Nigeria so that people who need it may patronize you.


Though this was brief, I have gone as far as asking my friend to write a complete guide on this topic which he has and is offering for 4500 Naira only, and you can order for it by sending a mail to Contact@olujimimetilelu.com and you will get a response regarding how you will make payment and receive the report.

.I will so much appreciate if you share this post with others you think are interested in the topic and also your comments and question will be appreciated and responded to as soon as possible.


Credit: practicalbusinessideas.com


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  1. Hello Mr Olujimi, pls we are looking at opening 2hectares for poultry farms in Abuja, pls which side is Better to do this because of bird flu. Kuje, Kurudu, and Gwagbalada. No 2, what’s the Advantage and Disadvantage of Having poultry where there’s many poultry farms.? thanks and hoping to hear or read the reply soonest.

    • Hello Abubakar, thanks for the comment. I don’t really know much about abuja but if u must do a poultry always make sure its far away from residential areas.

      As for the second question its better you have your poultry in a community where there are other poultry farmers because you would have someone to go to incase of problem you don’t understand. Also marketing for you will be easier because when you are with others. Those who need birds will locate you easily since the comunity is mainly for poultry farmers. Its just like been in the market.


  2. Enter Your Comment…Hello Mr Olujimi, am Oluwaseyi from Lagos i just started my poultry at the back of my house with just 25 layers checkens please sir i need your advise because i really want to do this poultry farming, i want to be my own boss. Looking forward for your reply. Many thanks.

    • @adewuyi oluwaseyi, that is a good one and a way forward as well.I will recommend you get our poultry guide so you can be on the right course. All you need is already detailed in the report.


  3. Enter Your Comment…Hello Mr Olujimi, am Oluwaseyi from Lagos i just started my poultry at the back of my house with just 25 layers chickens please sir i need your advise because i really want to do this poultry farming, i want to be my own boss. Looking forward for your reply. Many thanks.

    • @oluwaseyi that’s the way to go, but I will advice you learn more about this topic and visit other poultry farm if necessary. You can save you time by getting our poultry guide which contain everything you need to know.


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  5. Good morning mr olujimi, please i need advice on this Poultry business, i want to be buying from farmer and be selling as live chicken to d end users in d market. Please how do i go about it. Please is it profitable? Thank you sir.

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