Recharge Card Printing Business- How To Start One


Of course sharing has never been my problem, so today I want to write about how you or anyone can start your own lucrative recharge card printing business from the comfort of your living room.

Just as you know there have been a lot of noise about this business lately and some set of people have decided to take advantage of this by selling some irrelevant recharge card printing machine and some other irrelevant stuffs like that.

But according to my own research and findings so far you do not require any printing machine in order to start printing your own recharge card in bulk, the following are the requirement you will ever need;

A desktop or laptop computer with internet connection

A LaserJet or DeskJet printer

A4 paper

According to statistic from ICT expert Nigeria spends 447.8 billion on recharge cards monthly and an household spend 20,874 naira monthly. What does this tell you, it simply says those who are into recharge card printing are making a fortune especially when they have a vast network to supply?

So now lets proceed to how you to can start yours and blossom because if you don’t start yours today others will do it and make a boatload of cash from it.

So how do I start my own recharge printing business?

Yes, you can by knowing the right place to go, majority of people don’t hence the reason why they have been paying heavily to get the information. And the right place to go we are going to be talking about in this post is a website where you can buy recharge card pin at a whole sale price and then you can choose to print it and start selling in bulk or even sell the pins directly.

The website is , this website sell recharge card pins in bulk whether MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT or GLO etc they have it on the website in every denomination be it 750, 500, 400 or 100.

So now that you know the website how do you go about it, here is how

REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT: you will first need to register on the website before you can be able to use them, and to register on the website you need to to scroll down to the far let of the page where you will see a place to login and below the two login slot you will see a REGISTER option there, click on this and fill in your details in there and go to your email and click on confirmation link to activate your account if necessary. See image below..

lagos airtime

Please note that when registering for an account on lagosairtime, you must use your main email address and GSM number because this is very critical and you will see why later in this post.

So now that you have registered and confirmed your account what else do you do, you simply need to fund your account with whatever amount you want to start with.

And according to the website below is what they have to say concerning payment;

Payments should be made to our instant clearing account at Airpins Integrated Services Ltd, First Bank account No 2017747833. Put ONLY your MOBILE NUMBER as the Reference number when making

payment. Payments made using your MOBILE NUMBER as reference, remark or description will be credited to your account automatically. Payments less than N10,000 will attract a handling charge of N100. There is no need to scan proof of payment as our integrated receipting system works automatically 24/7 (provided your mobile number is captured k correctly).

You can use Debit Card Payments, Internet Banking Transfers, Mobile Transfers, Mobile Money or Cash Transfers.

There is no minimum account balance but you will qualify for our best prices and monthly draws if your balance remains positive. You will always see your latest balance when you login.

So that is it and when you login you can get there bank account details and pay into so they can fund your account to start buying vouchers. Just incase you need the bank account details to pay into here it is below, but you should also check withing your account so see if they have not changed the account details, you can as well look up the bank account in the HOW TO PAY section at the top of the website.

Bank Details:

Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria

Account Name: Airpins Integrated Services Ltd

Account No.: 2017747833

So once you have credited your account, then you can start purchasing pins/vouchers in bulk. To purchase vouchers simply login to your or go to your account dashboard if you are already logged in and then by the left side of the page you will find various icons of GSM networks in Nigeria enclosed in a box with a BUY NOW button boldly written below them as seen below…

lagos airtime2

To purchase any of them simply click on the BUY NOW button of the mobile network you wish to buy.

So I will give you an example by using MTN

So click on the Buy Now button in the box MTN is written as shown in the above picture

When you do that, it will display the various epin denominations that is available for that network. Just as we all know that each mobile network have their own airtime value you will see something like the below image which shows you the available denomination for that network.lagos3

So as you can see above there is MTN 100 and 200 epin available, please ignore the VTU as it does not cover the concept of this post. Though, it can also be used to sell your airtime units with conditions. When you click on VTU, you will be asked to type in the mobile number you want to recharge and the amount of airtime you want to credit and it will automatically recharge on your behalf the same way you do it at the ATM or on your BANKING APP, the individual will not be required to key in any pin to recharge.

So now lets go back to where we stop, so for illustration purpose will click on the MTN 200 and specify the number of quantity I wish to order from the drop down menu and then click on ORDER and it will take me to another page that look like this below


So now that you have seen how the card will look like on the lagosairtime website which will make it ready to be printed but you should not print it immediately reason been that you do not want people to know the exact place you are getting your epin so you will have to crop out the lagosairtime website link shown on the card. And to do that you cannot do it directly from their website because it is notallowed

so here we will have to go for another option which is to create a fresh setup for the card that is unique to you.

How To Print Out The Card With Your Brand Details

Anytime you place a successful order of recharge cards on the website an email with a pdf file containing the pin of the card/s will be sent to the inbox of your registered email address with them. And this pdf is always locked with a password for security reason so anyone cannot have access to you epins.

Now let me show you how you will unlock the pdf file and get the epin and then brand into your own recharge card that will carry your business name on it.

Therefore after placing an order always return to your email inbox and look carefully for the email from Airpins. An example is as shown in the image below.

By now what you will need to do is to open the email and download the attachment which

Contains the order which you have placed for. See below


By now You would need to unlock the pdf file which you have downloaded before you can access the pin which you have ordered for.

The last page that is displayed on your computer screen after every order contains the password to unlock the accompany pdf sent to your registered email. A typical example is the image below. The numbers underlined with a blue marker serve as the password to unlock the pdf file of the ordered recharge card. So take you should take note of it.

Always note that your password to open the file is always displayed on screen when you place an order.


So by now what you would need to do is to open the downloaded pdf file. Paste the password you copied from the successful order page into the dialogue box of the pdf file requesting for the password. After which it will be unlock and you can then access the information in it. The information you see in the pdf is the recharge card you purchased but unlike the one displayed on your computer screen there is an image which prevents you from copying the pin with the pdf but you can copy and paste the pin or pins into word editor like notepad or Microsoft word.

Now you know how to get the epin, so how about creating your own brand recharge cards, I will be showing you how, so read on

How To Create Your Own Brand Of Recharge Card

For you to do this, you will require the use of Microsoft work which is by far the simplest to use. So if you have a Microsoft word simply open it and follow the instructions am about to give you.

You will have to first Copy all the pin and serial numbers of the various recharge cards you ordered for into a notepad, making sure that they are all uniquely separated and saved in the notepad file.

Now what you do is to Adjust the margin of the Microsoft word layout so that it can easily accommodate so many recharge cards for which ever design you decide to use.

To adjust the margins do the following

Open the ms word document,

Click on the third item at the top menu bar Page Layout


Now you should click on Marginslagos9

So when that is done you will need to Look carefully at the drop down options and click on Custom Margins and then adjust margins to the least which is 0.1 as shown on the image below.


You can then go ahead and click on the OK button and it will take the effect immediately. The

reason been that I adjusted the margin is for you to have a wide space to arrange your recharge cards on.

By now you will need to click on Insert and then click on shapes and next you click on rectangle



The rectangular effect will be on your cursor such that when you drag it will produce a rectangle shape on the interface. So you have to draw a small shape that can make three (3) columns in the ms word layout and like over ten (10) to twelve (12) rows.

lagos12So by the time you have drawn the first rectangle as you desire you can then use Control + D on your keyboard to duplicate the same rectangle into several places. The image below shows the singular rectangle that has been duplicated into three Places on a row.


By now you have successfully created the first row with three columns then you are almost done. Simply press and hold the control key in your keyboard while you use your cursor to click on the three rectangles individually. When that is done you can then use the Control + D keys to duplicate into the number of places you want.


When this is done you can then go ahead and brand each of the rectangles drawn anyway you want it to be and input the various pins and serial numbers into them or you can brand only one of the rectangle and then duplicate the content area into the other rectangles while you change the pins and serial numbers into the various ones you have ordered and saved in a notepad.

In order for you to brand the rectangle with text, click on Insert and then click on Shapes. Under the row called Basic Shapes the first item there is a text box. Click on it to activate a text area on the rectangle. When that is done you can start writing on the rectangle.


So by now you will have a typical recharge card you see people sell on the street. This is exactly the same way you can achieve it and start marketing it for yourself.

So now that you know how it is done we need to talk about how you will make profit

How do i make profit? provides you with the mobile networks airtime pin at the rates below;

For one hundred naira denomination (N100) you can order MTN at N96 while you get other networks at N94.

For two hundred naira denomination (N200) you can order MTN at N192 while other networks at N188.

For four hundred naira denomination (N400) you can order MTN at N384.

For seven hundred and fifty naira denomination (N750) you can order MTN at N720.

For the one thousand five hundred naira denomination (N1500) you can order MTN at N1440.

Here is the general formula.

You get the MTN airtime at 4% discount and other network at 6% discount


So now I have taught you all that is needed, so how about how to market your recharge card.

How To Market Your Recharge Cards

The recharge card business like some other businesses is volume dependent. The higher the quantity of airtime you sell the higher your profit, so do not be bothered about the initial profit margin at the start.

If you are very serious about making a lot of money with this business then you need to do the required groundwork and marketing.

So since there are not much profit on each card, the best way you can maximize this is for you to be the distributor of the card yourself to further cut some of the overhead cost you might incur in the case of paying others to distribute the card for you.

As a distributor of the card you can Go around your environment or places you think are closer by and find out the amount recharge card sales outlet at parks, busy junctions etc are getting their recharge card and offer them something slightly different to win them over to you. If you can get like 50 of this outlet to distribute your card to and they buy like 50 recharge cards each daily you can be making around 2500 naira daily and that is a lot of y money monthly.

Or you can simply open a recharge outlet and you print and sell the cards directly to retailers to make even more profit from it but your card will not sell faster than when you distribute it to outlets at a wholesale price.

You can make as much you desire daily depending on your marketing effort. You can make this work out if you truly desire an extra income.

Another way of marketing this business is to visit offices around and inform them about your airtime business and how it can benefit them in terms of convenient and pricing. Simply offer them something less than what they are buying currently.

You can visit schools, churches, companies, firms and any offices you think consumes airtime in reasonable amount. Propose a very tempting offer to them and most certainly they will be your clients forever.

Also I will like to remind you that most pastors need your solution more than you need their money provided you assure them that you can always top them up on the GO once they call on you, now imagine the number of churches around you and then do your math.

Again do you know that you can also sell data to business who uses the internet such as café, you simply go there get to know what network they use and tell them about your recharge card not forgetting to give them the best offer, you will be wowed by the turnout you get.

There are also other ways such as selling to online platform such as social media and forums, you can update your service on social media and forums to those who uses data for subscription and give them a better offer to what they buy from the recharge card retail outlet and they will soon be your lifelong customer.

This can seem stressful at the initial stage but believe me it will be worth it in the long run.


Thank you once again for reading this post, I believe there are information in it which you have found very useful. I strongly recommend you to take action on this post, don’t just read it and forget.


Please I will so much appreciate if you drop a comment after reading this post, whether to appreciate or to ask questions, I will gladly answer all your questions.








    • hello Mr Ndu Clement you are very much welcome to my blog, feel free to hop in anytime to read fresh update, i promise you that you will not be disappointed. also take note of the offers, they will be very helpful to you.


  1. Hello jimi,

    Nice post there but please kindly be informed that lagosairtime is not reliable anymore….

    You pay in your money to their account you got nothing in returns…

    Only their VTU works fine only….

    It’s clear and fact…

    Believe me…

    Thank You!

    • hello mr saporu kolawole, thanks for the comment, according to you they are not reliable due to delay in updating your account right and you mean to say only there VTU work fine, if so do you have any better suggestion to my esteem readers who would love to know, since you raised this point myself will also like to know if there is a better alternative.


      • Hello Mr Jimi,

        I trust you are doing well…

        Not that they fail in updating my account..

        I have sold couples of ebooks on this recharge card printing before…

        I successfully printed N5,000 recharge cards and everything works fine before i started marketing ebook, but later on they got to be out of PINS and my clients was complaining about this, they didn’t release their funds and PINS was not updated.

        Even the MTN N100 pins they currently got now, am not sure is working fine but it seems there VTUs are working fine….

        Currently, i don’t know about any order website but i negotiated with my developer 3 weeks and he said he would develop something like that around 500k price…. I agreed but am yet to make payment….

        Once mine is up and running, would update here….

        Hope this helps…

        Thanks for your understanding….

        • Hello Mr saporu kolawole you might be right but can i ask you what year this happen and did you contacted their support, so we can know if there has been any improvement on their part because as for me they are still working fine and also do let us know when you have something like that for my readers.


    • hello mr saporu kolawole as far as i have seen so far not all the denomination are available all the time due to their own reason, if you have a better option in mind then drop it if not this wouldn’t help anyone here,what readers are looking for is a better option. half bread is better than none hope you know that.


    • Hello mr floyd okwudili, i am glad you find the post helpful, this is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what i have in store in the future, so stay updated on my blog and be a regular commenter on the post you read and you will soon discover you will be saving alot of money you should have spent on information. thanks once again for the comment


  2. Olujimi, Thanks for sharing. You are sowing greater seeds of love and wealth….We all shall reap the fruits by God grace……I am using this to help some one now. Thanks again

    • Hello Mr peter Obalemo, thanks you for appreciating the post and also for commenting, bookmark the blog to your browser or you optin for updates , so i send you an email anytime i make a fresh post.


  3. Am glad to have you as a mentor, Mr. Olujimi the heaven will reward you in abundance for all the helpful info you’re giving to human kind. What a Philanthropist! No one does it better. Thanks

  4. Thanks alot this real super I remember friend of mine once told me they paid money in Abuja for this same business model but were not given how to get the epin. It is a previlage information a zero cost. Thanks alot keep doing it, still waiting for your eBook on how to sell on konga anywhere in Nigeria please cos I already have a shop on there backend website please even if I will be charge I will like it, I do my market survey on recharge card business and will try it

    • Hello Mr surhyel, thanks you for taking the time to comment as well as appreciating the post. Thou I don’t really create ebooks rather I offer mentorship but if you mean post one selling from anywhere in nigeria on konga and jumia then it will be on the blog stay tunned.


    • Hello Mr Samson, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, for now it is the only website but i am researching on discovering more website like it, so i will upadate this post once i do.


    • Hello Alpha, thanks for the comment, but how is this a similar website, all i can see on this site is a clone of the lagos airtime so i will ask others to stay away from it. in my opinion sites like this can be for scamm unless you prove me wrong


  5. pls concerning your post on printing recharge cards
    my fear is what saporu posted. if I pay heavy amount and I was not given the pin and the money is not refund what will I do? pls help

  6. Great article God bless your generosity love and care for many whom you want to come up, I see you as a dependable reasonable Godsent Mentor to me and many God bless and honour you richly.

  7. I can’t remember my password to lagos airtime and. Called a number of times they keep posting me. What should I do do they have an office I. Can visit.

  8. Please mr Jimi…is lagos airtime still functioning? I sent emails to them, they did not respond at all? Just want to know if they have not folded up…thank you

  9. Thank you for your prompt reply…please do you have any reliable organization that does their kind of business? Printing recharge card…thank you once again

  10. Hello Sir,

    I hope this post meet you well, I read through your post and it was lovely but there is a challenge I want to discuss if don’t mind. For I was told it will help me a lot to improve my level of living if I have some information required to generate this card.

    Thanks and God bless you

  11. Wow! This is really great especially on the aspect of searching for market. I look up to other wonderful posts from you sir. God bless you.

  12. Hello Mr Jimi

    Could you please give me an update on the price rate of epins right now

    I’m a young entrepreneur looking to start this business. Your response would be greatly appreciated

    BTW, thank you for this insight and direction

  13. Good day, i really appreciate your write up, in order to assist people like me seeking for information. thanks we very grateful

  14. A very good initiative for people to become self reliant, but for you can only generate Pins for MTN N100, I called one of your numbers and I was told you are currently making an update but the VTU is currently ok for all the networs. My advice and suggestion to you is to allow printing of recharge cards denominations for all the networks as this will encourage us to invest more money in this business. Please do something very urgent.

  15. Pls can u assure me that this recharge card business is still in progress, Online here? Because am interested to join in the business.. Pls reply me

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