Second Hand Clothes Business In Nigeria

Second hand clothes business in Nigeria is what i will be writing about this time.  I have been up with a lot of other thing such that I haven’t gotten the time to sit down to write anything.


As you all know that when I write I always make sure to cover all the important information and all what one need to know. this act usually takes me lot of time online and offline researching and asking question. And recently I haven’t gotten much time to spare for all that. hence my been unable to post as usual, but this time i will be writing about second hand clothes business.

So today I want to write about how anyone can start a profitable second clothes business in Nigeria. I have taken the time to look at the business as well as spoken to those who are in the business. and I am about to share with you, all I have been able to learn so you can as well start your own second hand clothes business.

So what is second hand clothes? second hand clothes is clothes which had been used by someone usually in a more advanced country, then cleaned up and sent to a developing country. It is known as “okirika”or “Tokunbo” here in Nigeria.

Now we know what second hand clothes are, so what is a second hand clothes business?. it is the business of selling second hand clothes whether in large scale or small scale. In as much as there is an exchange of a second hand clothes for money, such transaction can be said to be a second hand clothes business.

If you are starting out a standard second hand clothes business and you want your business to be OK, then you need to have some of the following in place. but it might not be necessary if you just want to buy and resell and not take it as a business.

INITIAL CAPITAL; This is important when you are considering to start a second hand clothes business in Nigeria. The capital you have will determine if you want to start it in a large scale or you just want to start small. One of the best thing about this business is that you can start with a little capital. as low as 10,000 naira for few clothes.  and work your way up to buying bale and even bales of second hand clothes. So like I said with 10,000 naira you can start by buying few clothes to test and then if you find it good. you can upscale to buying mre clothes or buying bales.

So I will say your capital will determine how big or how small you will start, there is nothing bad in starting small, so before you think about borrowing money just know that you can start with the little money you have.

PRESSING IRON AND BOARD: even thou most people in this business always over look the need for a pressing iron and a pressing board or table. But if you intend to make people value what you sell or see your product as not just any used clothes, then you need this. Even thou some of us already have this at home, so there will be no need spending to buy them. But you should know that it is equally important, so your wares look good all the time in the face of your customers and look very presentable and appealing to the eyes.

SPACE/STAND/CAR/SHOP: yes this are also equally important, because it will be very cumbersome to sell your wares if you don’t have any of this. Depending on whichever one you have or could afford, you need somewhere to display your second hand clothes for people to see. Even if its just a space or a stand, in as much as people can see it then it is ok. But for those who want to take this as a very serious business then you will need either a shop or a car if you already have one and you are okay with it. But having a shop has many advantages to all others I have listed,.if you already have a car and you don’t think you need a shop then you can just move to busy areas and display your second hand clothes in your booth or on top your car. Once you have this in place then you are ready for serious second hand clothes business. Second hand clothes usually comes in bales and some comes in Ghana must go bags but the most common packaging are those in bales.

How lucrative is second hand clothes business?

Of course I understand that you will want to know how lucrative the business is, for this business to be lucrative you need to do the following;

  • Buy only quality bales(first grade alone if possible)
  • Understand how you can sell the used clothes to make profit

How do I know and buy quality bales?

Actually, as I have learnt, used clothes business is like a “blind business”, why did I say so, yes because you  do not see the content of the bale before paying for it. But there is a rule of thumb you can work with and still be a winner, this are;

  • Only buy your used clothes from a trusted seller that import and sell good and quality bales

How do I know quality bales when I see one? The truth is there is nothing like learning how to know quality bales because the seller do not package the bales themselves and a bale that look clean and flashy outwardly might carry lots of torn and rags when it is opened and some might not look good outwardly but the content might be very hot and nice.. so the golden rule of thumb is still “buy from a trusted seller”

So that is all about how to know quality bales, so lets talk about the various types of bales. Just as you have been told earlier, used clothes usually comes in bales and where you buy from determine the clothes quality, there are bales from different countries such as UK, USA, CHINA ETC. so you should know that quality from this three countries differ from each other, naturally UK bales have been known to be the best in quality but others are not bad either.


A =are those in very good condition, which means they have no defect or any stain that will discredit its quality.

B = second hand clothes that are not totally perfect, they sometimes comes with minor defect or stains with minor defects.

C = clothes with major damage (RAG or WIPERS)

Note that sometime this clothes normally come missed together so we can have a GRADE AB, and when they are not mixed together, that is purely first grade they are known as GRADE AA. You can open a bale and see only few 1st grade in it , Note that you bought GRADE AB! Grade AB” means 1st Grade and 2nd Grade mixed together once again!

Most seller sell Grade AB as 1st grade, that is why you need to always buy from a trusted seller who will tell you the truth and not those who already have loads of unhappy customers .

Also with this been said, grades of clothes also comes in types and they are Wilcox, Scot, Crown, Gold Favor , La mark Etc. some of the best grade are Some of the best grades are

Genuine Wilcox (not repackaged ones!)

La mark (not repackaged ones)

So now you know the types of second hand clothes, how about where to buy them

Where To Buy Second Hand Clothes

Of course you need to know the best place you can buy second hand clothes that will be of the best grades. I am continuously working an getting trusted seller, I don’t want to recommend just any place or anyone here so as for you to be safe when buying, but one rule of thumb when buying second hand clothes from any seller is to ask if they have any open bales or to see if there are other people sharing bales. If there is then you can check the clothes out to see how good they are, and if you are okay with their quality then you can try by buying a little of it first, say just one bales and see.

Note that you should also ask the seller which country the bale comes from.there are so many places you can buy second hand clothes in Nigeria but not all this places sell good clothes so i want to save you time and money hence the reason i am researching the best places to get good clothes.

I am working on a list of 20 trusted seller where you can buy second hand clothes from and I have been going from warehouse to warehouse and places to places to see the samples myself.this list will contain the name of the seller, address, and phone number. the list is now ready for the sum of 3500 naira which is for the hardwork  to cover my cost of researching. to get the list send the payment to Gtbank olujimi metilelu 0121882504 and then after payment send your payment proof and detail to

How To Sell Second Hand Clothes

Of course you also need to know how and in what way you can sell your second hand clothes. Many people who are in this business make the mistake of just opening and directly displaying their used clothes on the floor or on a table and most of the time this clothes are always very squeeze, even thou they might be of good quality but most time the way they are displayed sometime affect the way people see them and that is why some people will kee pricing the clothes very low.

To sell your second hand clothes you need to prepare the clothes for sales and to prepare the clothes for sale you need to do the following

Wash or Dryclean And Pressing: of course a lot of second hand clothes seller don’t do this because they see it as time wasting but I don’t see it that way, I see it as packaging and adding more value to the clothes price. Appearance they say is everything. Also another reason is that these second hand clothes usually comes with a unique smell that some people find to be offensive so it is also important you dry-clean them. It is important you note that when dry cleaning this second hand clothes you should use only mild washing soaps such as premier soap, joy, soap, lux soap etc, avoid the use of detergent at all cost as this will destroy the colour of the fabric and you don’t want such a thing to happen to clothes you are looking at selling.

Sort And Pakage; yes, this is also equally important if you want to stand out from the rest, you need to sort the clothes by grade and package them with polythene bag for display or distribution, those that don’t look good enough you can just iron and hang them without packaging. If you do this, you will be seen as a professional and more people will patronize you and from there you will be known for quality and good looking used bales. So you should not over , look this if you mean serious business.

How to sell to make profit

When in second hand clothes business you will be lloking at making good profit especially when you are buying bales, which means you are not sure of the content yet till you open it you should do the following;

Once you open a bale of used clothes, make sure you count the total number of clothes in the bale

When you are done counting the bales, you then grade them into different qualities

You sell according to the grades of the clothes, for example if you open men shirt bales containing 200 pieces, the first thing is to select the very hot once, tag them boutique wears because they almost certainly comes with tags or label, so how good the clothes are will determine how much you will sell. You can sell those with tags for as high as 2000 or even 2500 naira.the price you sell will be determined by the location you are and the type of people you are selling to.

Calculation time

If you buy a bale of shirt for instance from a trusted seller and you have 200 pieces of clothes in the bales. If a bale of first grade London used office men shirt cost 90,000 naira for 200 pieces and you sorted and saw 50 pieces of extra clean with or without label you then sell for 2000

2000×50=100,000 naira

If you then decide to sell the next grade for 1000 for 100 pieces,


And if you decide to sell the las grade for 500,

150×500=75,000 naira

So if we round up everything we have the following

First sale=(100000+100000+75000)naira= 275,000 naira

Profit calculation

275,000-90,000 naira initial capital=185,000

So we will have 185,000-bale expenses(logistic, dry-cleaning etc)12000 naira

Profit=185000-12000=173,000 naira

Please note that you will only arrive at this profit when you buy a very good bale and you sell it the right way

Average Prices Of Second Hand Cloth Bales In Nigeria

Thou the prices might defer from this but on the average this are the standard price one can use to gauge the cost of the bales but you should also contact your trusted seller to as them of their own price because they light even be cheaper than what i wrote here.

N30, 000-60,000

Socks, Sweaters, Skirts, Bed sheets, Men’s Jeans, Men Shorts (Three Quarter), Night Gowns

N70, 000- N90, 000

Children Mix (55Kg), Female cotton tops, Children Jeans, Children Gowns, Men Chinos Trousers, Ladies Jeans (200 pieces), Duvet, Track And Joggers,  Men’s Jeans, Night Gowns

N100, 000-N200, 000

Chiffon Gowns (1000 pieces), Children Mixed (0-12years, 100Kg),Ladies Leggings(1000 pieces, Chiffon Tops, Cotton Blouses, Men’s Jeans, Dinner Gowns, Children Complete wears

Reason Why Second Hand Clothes Are Profitable

Cheaper; second hand clothes are very profitable because you can get a very good cloth and even a designer clothes for half or even below half of the original price of the cloth.

Popularity: second hand clothes have been very popular over this years and this is why majority of people have preferred to buy second hand cloths than to go for new once, this is very common amongst the youths and this has made the business very profitable for anyone who goes into it

Durability: it is no doubt that second hand clothes have been know to be very durable than the new once. Yes this is because they are mostly brought in from countries that have quality control, so aside been used already they still retain their durability

Choices: with second hand clothes you will have a variety of choice to to pick from based on your pocket hence the reason it’s a safer choice for a lot of people

Non capital intensive: one more reason this business is very profitable is that less capital is need to venture into it, one can start with as little as even 5000 naira and still make some good profit.

It is mobile: another reason why it is more profitable is because it can allow easy mobility, one can move around with the product if one choses to sell them.

Market ready: this business is one that already has a ready market anywhere, there are so many people who buy used clothes such that one will not need to spend a lot on advertising or even spend anything atall.

High return on investment(ROI): second hand clothes business is one business with which you can make a very high return on your investment when you do it the right can make lots of turnover from it during festive period and also clothing is one of the necessity of life so people will keep buying.

No education required: yes of course anyone can do this business, no education is required unless simple calculation that is very easy for anyone to do.

How To market Your Second Hand Clothes

there are many ways you can market or get customer to your second hand clothes business and i will be talking about them below;

Word of mouth: word of mouth marketing has been a very good way to market anything which means you can also use the method to market your second hand clothes, you can do this successfully by telling family, relatives, colleague and friends and asking them to as well help you tell their friend and tell their friends to also tell their own friends and so on and before you know it you will have your first customer and many more customer to come.

Social Media Method: With this method you will typically be marketing your second hand clothes on the major social media network the proper way.some of such sites include Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc

Forum Posting Methods: to market on forum you will be required to register on the major forums in the country such as nairaland. After registration you will have to participate in discussions in the forum for a period of like 3 weeks so you will be allowed to post on the forum and also create comment.

Classified Site Methods:  involve you listing your second hand clothes on the major classified sites in the country such as,,, etc and then you list your second hand clothes on them,. This method have some quality traffic and can land you many sales if done the right way.

Flier And Poster Method: You can create fliers and posters. You can share the fliers where people usually frequent such as churches, mosque, universities, polytechnic, banks, government secretariat and organizations etc. example is the car tracker, you can create fliers for it and share it to car owners or you drop it in or on their cars.

Mobile Marketing Method:  involves the use of sms to promote your second hand clothes. This method is a very effective one and can land you into boat load of sales if done the right way, when I say the right way I don’t mean that you should start spamming them, if you do this they will likely delete the message upon sensing that it is a promotional message.

so this is all for this post, don’t forget to leave a comment and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to leave a comment , i will try my best to reply you as soon as possible.


i am compiling a ist of 20 trusted second hand clothes company you can buy from without fear of getting bads clothes, i am adding more companies by the day, it has not been easy because i have to personally visit this companies myself and see for myself what they offer. once i am finished you will have an ebook of 20 companies you can buy quality bales of clothes from directly.the list is now ready and you can place your order by following the instruction below..

This list will includes the following

  • name of the company
  • office adress
  • phone number
  • types of bales sold


send payment to Gtbank: olujimi metilelu 0121882504 and then after payment send your payment proof and detail to the list will be sent to your email within 20 minutes upon payment comfirmation


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