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i have been getting alot of mails and messages from people who wishes to sell on and other major ecomerce sites like  konga. after some thought it dawned on me that i should have written about how to sell on earlier since i have once written about how to start mini importation business here in Nigeria earlier on this blog.

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selling your product on ecomerce site, whether imported or made in nigeria item is a very good way to market, especially when you are using free ecomerce site like jumia. you derive alot of benefits which include but not limited to some of the following; you enjoy free traffic to your store, you dont need to worry about accounting and shipping because the ecomerce site will take care of all of it for you. is a very good place to sell your product and that is why i will be showing you how you can start to sell on without stress.

Before now, it has not been very easy to sell on because they were very strict and you will need to go through a lots of process before you can finally have a store with them might include having to send them a proposal or you have to know someone there who can open the account on your behalf and upon this you will still be required to come to their headquater in ikeja lagos for training in order for your account to be activated which i doubt those who are not in lagos or who are busy will be happy with, but it is now a past tense because company like can go there on your behalf for a little fee if there is need for it.

so for you to be able to sell on you will first need to get registered with them and then they might request you come over to their headquarter in Lagos for training in order for your account to be activated, like i said earlier it should not be a problem because company like can go there on your behalf for a little fee and get the necessary information for you as well as get them to activate your store so you can start selling on the platform and getting sales as well.

so let us now talk about how you can open an account as a seller on in order for you to successfully open an account on you will need to follow the step and instructions below.

you have to go to and when you are on the page you hover your mouse to where you see REGISTRATION and you click on it, see image as shown below

sell on

as you can see it above in the image. when you click on it you will be taken to another page that will look like the one in the image below and you will be expected to read what is on the page before you click on SELL ON JUMIA, see below…

sell on

once you understand what is on this page them click on SELL ON JUMIA and you will be on the next page which will look like this one below.

sell on

As you can see in the image above that there are 5 steps you need to complete in order for your account to be created successfully. so we will be going through all the step one after the order, its compulsory you complete the first step before you can go to the second, there is no option to skip step so make sure you are careful while completing the step.

so now we are at step one which is the seller account and on this page we will have to fill in the correct information as it is related to us.  so where you are asked to put your personal information you do it and make sure you put in the correct information and then you tick tick the E-contract agreement as seen on the page and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

when you click on save and continue you will be taking to the next page which is the business information page. on this page you will be required to fill in your business information. if you have a registered business and you are sure you can provide all the information on the page then you can go ahead and do so but if your business is not registered then no need just provide information for the bolded only and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

(kindly note that only merchant in lagos are allowed on jumia so if you are not in lagos you can use address which is presently 12, adeaga street, awori off abule egba . lagos)

see image in the picture below

sell on

when you click on save and continue you will be taking to the next page which is the shop information page. on this page you are required to provide information about what you intend to sell on so you just answer a yes or no question here and then select your main category. please be truthful here it cannot affect your store so put the right information. see image below…

sell on


Once you have done this then you can click on save and continue and be taken to the fourth step which is the BANK ACCOUNT, here you will be asked to provide the bank account detail with which you want to be receiving your payment every week. you can provide them your bank details . if you are using a foreign account or you are not in Nigeria and you are not using a Nigerian account then you need to fill all the information here but if you are in Nigeria and using a Nigerian account then you only need to provide details of the bolded only and then click on SAVE AND CONTINUE and you will be taken to the last page.see below…

sell on

On this page you will be shown the summary of all the information you have provided in the previous step, and you will be expected to confirm if everything is correct for the last time, because once you click on start selling you cannot make any more correction. so you should review the information you have provided once again and then when you are sure everything is correct you can click on start selling and a verification link will be sent to the email you used while registering. and you will be expected to click on the link to verify your account. the next page you see will look like this…

sell on

click on the link from your email and you will be taken back to the sellercenter homepage and then you will be told your email has been verified and that you should login.

Now you can login to your account. when you login you will notice a message that say your account is not yet verified, email . see image below…

sell on

Now what you need to do is send a message to seller support asking them to verify your store, after maybe a day or 2 you might get a message asking you to come to their headquater in ikeja for training session before your account will be activated. dont panic yet, if you are in lagos and you have the time you can go there and do the training, but if you are not in lagos what you need to do is to simply contact asking them you want them to go for jumia training on your behalf, and you provide them your store details. they will go there on your behalf and your store will be activated once they attend the training. and you can start listing your product on the platform.

The training is actually very important for you but not necessary, you can learn same info you will get at the training via your sellercenter dashboard, what you simply need to do is to scroll down to the buttom of the page and you will see all the training materials there, you can use them to learn how to use jumia efficiently.. check the buttom of the image above to see what i mean.

So this is all about creating an account on jumia, so on the next post i will write more about using jumia, how to upload, process, package and lots more

Remeber that if you are not in jumia can help you warehouse and dropoff your item at jumia as well as do within lagos delivery for you for a fee. you can contact them today if you wish to sell on jumia and not in lagos.


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  1. I really enjoyed this and other articles Mini importation 1&2, more power to your elbow. Please how soon are you dropping How to upload, process, package etc?

  2. Good day mr Jimi,
    talking of promoting one’s store,which method is d most effective;
    my average sales on konga and dealdey is anout 2 or 3 monthly;
    someone said paid advert is d best; what do u advise in your own experience.

    Expecting your response please.

    Thank you.

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