Snail Farming Business-How To Start A Profitable One

snail farming business

Snail farming business is one lucrative business a lots of Nigerian has been ignoring while some few are making a fortune from it. I have noticed this business for a while now and this has made me go out on research and also tap from those in the business and doing very well with it.

So if you have been ignoring this business like every other Nigerian is doing then I will like to give you some solid reasons why you should start a snail farming business right away.. before I even go further do you even know that snail is exportable to other countries whether in smaller quantity or in bulky quantity.

Some reasons why you should start a snail farming business today

  1. Snail has a very high nutritional value and it has grown to become a very popular delicacy yet it is not commonly seen in most restaurant due to inability to get it, that’s where you can capitalize on. it is also very rich in calcium phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C major nutrient essential in human health.
  2. Snail is also a major source of protein and this is very rampant amongst those who are sensitive about their weight because it is very low in calories and fat. And also it is beneficial to people suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer not forgetting people trying to recover from an injury
  3. Like I said earlier, only few people in Nigeria are into snail farming and this is going to be very profitable for you, Nigeria has a population of over 160million people and thousands of restaurants scattered all over the country; this means that if you start a snail farming business now, then you are actually making a very smart move as the demand cannot even be met by the existing local farmers.
  4. In snail farming, you do not need a large sum of capital to start, that is it is not capital intensive unlike poultry farming and fish farming that require a lot of capital. Snail feeds are readily available everywhere and it can even be produced by anyone because snails feed on waste so no need for some complex feeding formula and combination. This snail farming business is also one business you can start from your backyard and later graduate to a larger snail farm.

Do you know that before now, the only way people think they can get snail was to go hunt for them in the bush or nearby garden after rainfall or during the night because that is when snail are known to be in the open. The reason for this is because majority of Nigerian do not know that could be easily reared domestically as we rear fish , chicken, goats etc

So now that you know how profitable snail farming is let us talk about factors that should be considered when starting this interesting snail farming business for commercial purpose.

Factors to consider when starting a snail farming business

Location And Environment: when thinking of starting a snail farm, the best location and environment to think of is a low plain downhill site, the snail farm should be well housed and be protected from excess wind because this would dry out and even dehydrate the snail, that is why it is best to have banana trees or plantain trees planted around the snail farm to keep the wind in check, so it can be located in a place with this characteristics.

It is also worthy of note to know that snail cannot be reared on concrete floor because this is detrimental to their health, the floor to be used for your snailery must be made up of a balanced soil that is soil which is not too dry neither too waterlogged. Likewise it is also important to know that the floor should not acidic or clayey in nature as this is also detrimental to the health of the snail. The type of soil that is most suitable for your snail farm is a sandy loamy soil like those used in agriculture for farming with low water retention. The soil is a very critical factor in the growth and survival of the snails because the calcium that is used in the formation of the snail shell by it is gotten directly from the soil, likewise the soil is a source of water to it and also a perfect ground to lay its eggs.

Depending on how large you want your snail farm to be, your snail can be reared in a large covered box if you considered going for a small scale farming or a concrete pen with a soil flooring if you wish to go for a larger scale.

The soil to be used on the snail farm must be about 10 inches deep and you should use fresh leaves or wet clothes to control the temperature of the farm. For you to protect your snail against predators such as snakes, rats and termites you should make a barbed wired fence all around the snail house.

Go for training: before thinking of starting a snail farm, you first need to make sure you have an adequate knowledge of the business and for you to have this you need to enroll for at least a month training in a snail farm so you can understand the operation and management better, knowledge is a very important requirement for success in sail farming business, not just snail, farming but every other business.

Do your feasibility studies: after you must have gotten all the needed knowledge to help you in operating and managing your snail farm successfully, you should also make sure that you conduct a market feasibility studies for your snail farming project. Let me give you some of the questions you should ask yourself and also ask about;

  1. What are the factors militating against snail farming in Nigeria?
  2. How much capital is needed to setup a snail farm, stock it with snails and run it effectively?
  3. Where is the best place to site your farm and how close is it to the market?
  4. How much is a bag or basket of snail sold in your area?
  5. How long (months or years) will it take you to make your money back? etc

Prepare a business plan: when you must have conducted your feasibility studies and writing a detailed breport about your findings then it is now time for you to make the feasibility studies into a business plan, this is important especially when it comes to finding funds for your business either from banks or maybe investors, a business plan will be needed in case you wish to access a government grant and loans as well as help you plan your future growth and improvement strategy..

How To Source For Snails

As you are ready to start your snail farming now, you will need some snail to start with, you have to be very careful when selecting snails, you must ensure that the snails are fertile and in perfect condition. The best place to go to when looking for initial stock is inside the bushes. If you get your snail directly from their natural habitat, they will always be in the best condition since they have not been exposed to excessive sunlight which would dehydrate them most times and further make them less fertile.

But if you think that getting snail directly from the bushes would be too much work for you then you can buy snail eggs from the market and you cover them up with cocoyam leaves in a plastic bowl with a wet sand placed in it and leave them to hatch.

The process for hatching the egg would take between 21 to 28 days then you can start to feed and take care of the baby snails and watch them multiply in numbers since snail reproduce faster and in larger numbers.

Before getting your snail from the market, you need to know the different species of snail we have that can be reared and which is best to rear..

Species Of Snails

1. Achatina fulica – This is known as the East African land snail, or giant African land snail,which scientific name is Achatina fulica

Achatina fulica

2. Achatina Achatina – this is otherwise known as the tiger giant snail or giant Ghana snail, it is a species of very large, air-breathing land snail, mollusk in the family Achatinidae.

achantina achantina

3. Archachatina Marginata – this is otherwise known as the giant West African snail, is a species of air-breathing tropical land snail,mollusk in the family Achatinidae. It have the ability to grow up to 20cm long, and live up to 10 years.

achantina marginata

From the above listed specie, the most suitable specie for rearing is the achantina achantina because of its high reproductive capacities also it is very easy to find.

Snail feeding

Like I said earlier in the post, Snails are very versatile feeders, so they can feed on anything from leaves to fruits. Snails can also feed on cocoyam leaves, cassava and okra leaves, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw as well as eggplant leaves. Snails can also feed on fruits like mangoes, banana, pawpaw, tomatoes and pears.

So it is very important that you give your sails the right food that would aid tissue growth and supply calcium needed to grow their shells. It is important that you feed your snails with the right food that would support tissue growth and supply calcium needed to grow their shells. Though snail can feed on crude plants like the once I listed above but also there are specially formulated snail feeds in the market that you can use to feed your snail for improved growth and maximum productivity.

Harvesting your snails

When you are harvesting your snails, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you handle them carefully, you can harvest them into a very clean container made of plastic, or basket or bowl or in a box for carriage to the place you want to sell it. Avoid overloading the container. The best stocking should be 10kg per container so as not to hurt or stress the snails. 8.

Marketing your snails

There are so many ways to market your snail, in fact it’s easier to market your snail than feeding them, there are many restaurant, fast food and eateries in the country, you can sell your snail to them especially those with snail meals on their menu. If you intend selling a wholesale you can promote your snail farm online via social Medias, forums, blogs and so on and so forth. You can as well process your snails for export to other countries.

In conclusion,I would say that snail farming business is a very lucrative and profitable business that is guaranteed to bring a lot of profit and a stable source of income you can rely on anytime unlike the white collar job.

 Offer For A Do It Yourself Snail Farming Business Guide

As you can see that this business is very profitable and I want you to start it as soon as possible, so I have contacted an expert in the snail farming business and asked for a compilation of a do it yourself guide, and the guide is ready for anyone willing to venture into the business at a cost of #5000 naira only and you can get it by sending an email to and here are what you will learn from it.


And also do not forget to drop a comment whether to encourage me to do more or to ask a question, please just drop a comment after reading this post, i will try as best as possible to reply your comment.


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  1. pls, am calling from the Eastern part of Nigeria, can i combine plantain and snail farming in a two plots of land ? whichever one , your assistance is highly needed both technical and knowledge wise, provision of either snail or sucker or both. feedback anticipated

    • Hello Mr Owelle,thanks for the comment, 2 plot of land is ok for a plantain farm not to talk of snail farming, snail farming doesn’t require much space. Infact just a backyard garden will do so your 2 plot is cool.


    • Please. Sir,i’m from ghana.i have read ur article & i found it very interesting.act:ually i want to start snail farming but lack.of technical know how is holding me up .in ghana there is no commercial snail farming. while i can go for training.i don’t know if u can help me?also can u send me a picture of a snail farms.finally. how can i get a copy of do it yourself snail farming business. Guide?

  2. Enter Your Comment…thank you very much,pls can we make a cage for its rearing in case when someone lives in a city where there is no farm and what foods do we give the snails that will make them grow very fast

    • Hello Olamiju kayode, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the post. A Snailery can be constructed at the back of the house. It can be a bamboo or plank structure, measuring
      about 12 X 12 X 6 in dimension. The top should be covered with wire gauze. Its floor should be humus filled up to 1/3 of the height. Cocoyam and other plants that cannot grow tall should be planted in it. The soil should be damped constantly but moderately.

      as for the feeding. The snail feeds on almost everything that is not poisonous, and devoid of salt.
      (a) Leaves eg. Pawpaw, banana, cocoyam, water yam
      (b) Fruits eg. Mangoes, pawpaw, banana, eggplant. Tomatoes, pineapple peels etc.
      (c) Industrial by-products eg. Wastes grounded maize, guinea corn, wheat offal, rice bran, spent
      grains, maize bran, plantain peels, pineapple peels etc.

      I will advice you get our do it yourself guide on scientific snail farming to get a deeper knowledge of this topic.


  3. Great and inspiring post. Am interested in getting a copy of your Do it Yourself Snail Farming Guide book. How do I get a copy please?
    Mrs Grace Koroye

  4. Enter Your Comment…interesting. I would want to know how long it takes for the snail to be ready for market for a commercial farmer

    • Hello Steve obi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on the blog post, it will take around 4-6 months depending on the feeding. i will advice you get the do it yourself snail farming guide if you desire to go into it so you learn everything you need to know.


  5. Are you from Ilisan in Ogun State.? Do you have a snail farm and uf yes can I visit your farm. I am really interested.

    • @abiola adetola, yes I am from ilishan but I am not based in ilishan but in abeokuta. As regard the snail farm not at the moment but I can recommend you to some places to visit or betterstill get our report to see and learn. Its very simple business, the cheapest farming I have seen so far.


  6. Hi Olujimi,thanks for this post I think I have all I need to start except the reproductive snail you talked can I get it dir? I have almost 40 snails already,I pick around my home early in the morning after rainfall.I need your help pls

    • @tinu, that depends on your location. You have to look for snail farm in your state and you can use google to search for them or you can go to the market and ask snail seller here they get their stock from. But never buy from the market, buy from a farm.


  7. Thanks for a good summary of a full business Idea that I earlier thougth was complicated. I am encouraged to start small, while learning more about snailery. This post is concised. And very Helpful.

  8. Whao, thanks very much for dis bunch of advise. To be sincere I really enjoy it.

    I will like to get the typical farm land pictures as well to get the whole scenario right.

    Is it possible to get the plastic thank for the farm land?


  9. Thank you so very much for the insight. I and my fiancee have the plan to start one in Ernest. I have studied so much about snail farming and thank God she’s got a practical training but where in Lagos(around Ajah axis) can we get snails? And I’d be sending you a mail now so I can. Have different pictures of a pen.
    I intend to make this a pilot scheme and extend it in a year to a massive commercial business. Thank you for the Sunday morning inspiration. God bless you.
    Note: should I want to start sales while we grow ours, do you have an advice or a place we can get it relatively cheap for packaging?

  10. Many thanks for this great post; very revealing! We get snails in my parents’ garden after it rains. It just occurred to us that we could embark on a commercial scale snailery. We will commence a pilot scale @ their backyard asap. I would love to make a pen and would send you an email requesting pictures that’ll be suitable for the pilot scale. Please what do you think about the possible use of tyres as a makeshift pen? Any pictures? Many thanks for your time.

  11. thanks. but please i would like to know if you can help;how do you use organic fertilizer in a plastic pund and how frequent will one change water in such pund


  13. Thanks so much for dis write up. i have been motivated the more with dis. pls how long do you rear snail before they are due for harvesting? also how many snails are required for a start. finally how many eggs do snail lay at a time. Thanks a lot.

    • @juliet, depending on how they get feeding it can be around 3 to 4 months, you can start with what you know your pen can contain that will not cause overcrowding, just make sure that they can freely move around in the pen

  14. Wow! This is quite informative sir. Thank you so much for this post. I live in Warri, pls, do you have an idea of the closet snail farm around me where I can enroll for training? and pls, can you send me pictures of a typical snail farm house. Thank you sir. Expecting your reply

  15. I am interested in the snail farming,so pls send the e-copy of the guide book, and pls include an updated feasibility studies to enable me know the intricacies of the business. Let me know the cost. Tnx,more grease to ur elbows.

  16. many thnks sir,
    This is quite inpiring.
    I have started in a little already but rather dn construct a pen, I was using 9 inch block as a pen. now i need more guide, how much do i pay 4 e practical guide

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